Tube vs Solid-State Amp: How Do They Differ?

Before buying a guitar amp know first the basics of this sound equipment. Check out the two main categories of guitar amps and their difference.

Guitar amplifiers add depth and color to your music. It enhances both the sound quality of your guitar and your style of playing. By using this sound device, you will learn and discover more about your genre.

If you are a rookie in guitar playing and it is your first time searching for a guitar amp, the first thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with the basic categories of this device. Guitar amps have two main classifications, the tube, and the solid-state amp. To learn more about these devices, check out the details below.

Technical Differences 

The primary difference between the tube and the solid-state amp is the manner how these devices amplify guitar sounds.

A tube amp uses two or more vacuum tubes to amplify guitar sound and signal. These tubes produce a ‘warm sound’ known as overdrive. When the tubes are overloaded, it creates a warm distortion, which results in open-sounding music. You can recognize the sound a tube amp produces from the well-known Marshall, Fender, Vox, and monoprice tube amp.

Meanwhile, a solid-state amp depends on diodes and transistors to amplify the guitar signal. Therefore, a solid-state amp utilizes circuitry-based amplification rather than using conventional vacuum tubes.

Response State

Between these two guitar amps, tubes produce smoother and more responsive overdrive compared to solid-state. The former is capable of producing different sounds based on the guitarist’s playing style. Thus, the tone quickly changes depending on how hard a guitarist picks the instrument. In this effect, a tube amp can accurately represent the player’s sound and style.

On the other hand, a solid-state amp creates a cleaner and softer sound. However, it produces a slight distortion when playing heavily accented notes. A solid-state maintains its crisp and clean sound no matter how hard a player picks the guitar.

Sound Options

If you prefer an amp with sound options, a solid-state is the best choice. Recent models of solid-state amps feature circuitry and built-in effects to offer different sound options. This feature allows you to play different music genres without purchasing additional devices like pedals.

The tube amp is a classic guitar amplifier. It has no built-in effects as a solid-state have. Instead, you’ll have to purchase other sound devices to create sound effects.


Tube amps are louder compared to a solid-state even both has similar wattage rating. For example, if you buy a 50W tube amp and a solid-state with the same power, the former is still louder.

Be warned that high-powered tube amps are not always the best choice. You don’t want to overpower your drummer and other instruments. The ideal wattage for tube amps is 40 to 60W. This wattage helps produce quality sounds and a more natural tone.


Troubleshooting a solid-state amp is harder since it is digital. On the other side, it is easier to pinpoint problems on a tube amp because it is an analog device. The only problem with a tube amp is that the vacuum tubes can go bad. You have to replace the damaged tube to avoid it from affecting your tone. Though tube amps are more affordable, they are more expensive to fix.

Why You Should Understand Conversational Hypnosis

If you work in a field in which persuading other people to see things differently is part of your daily routine, then you should learn more about conversational hypnosis. The concept is relatively new, although it has been used in medicine for decades, especially on patients suffering from anxiety, patients who are about to undergo a surgical intervention or a dental procedure. In the last few years, more and more therapists, life coaches or salespeople have shown interest in conversational hypnosis, trying to understand it. You should follow their example as it can help you in your career as well. Here are some of the most important reasons why you should understand this type of hypnosis.

  1. It provides you with a set of skills that is valuable to you, as well as to other people. As a life coach, you can skillfully persuade your clients to see things differently, in a more positive way. Of course, this causes them to achieve empowering results.
  2. Thanks to conversational hypnosis, you will learn how to use your voice to persuade others. Your suggestions will become irresistible to them. That is very useful if you are a coach resourcing clients, a sales manager resourcing your sales team, and even a parent resourcing your kids.
  3. Conversational hypnosis allows you to access a new, multi-dimensional way of thinking about things and seeing things around you. Your thought processes will gain more flexibility, meaning that you will be able to come up with concepts and ideas that other people will never have.
  4. A very satisfying benefit of understanding conversational hypnosis is that you will be able to assist other people in solving their problems.
  5. Another great benefit associated with understanding conversational hypnosis is that you will gain an outstanding ability: the power to overcome your resistance and finally do the things that you have always wanted to do.
  6. Thanks to understanding conversational hypnosis you will also create positive changes in your thinking. Your behaviors will also be changed positively. Your development as an individual and as a professional will be accelerated more than you can imagine.

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Tips on How to Make Your Gift Meaningful and Special

Are you planning to buy a special gift for someone special? You should read this.

Purchasing a good item as a gift is not an easy task, let alone planning on which item to choose. If you are currently struggling to look and choosing for a meaningful and special item as a gift, here are a few tips that can help you.

Tip #1: Think of the person’s personality

A meaningful gift is based on the receiver’s personality. If you want to give a gift that is meaningful and special, why not try to consider buying or personalizing an item that will fit the receiver’s personality? It would be a gift that the receiver will be able to enjoy, to have, and to keep; because it suits them.

Tip #2: Listen to what they truly want

Pick up some useful hints on what they truly want. For instance, the receiver wanted to lose weight or get in shape, you could buy them some useful weight loss equipment. Or your friend had been planning to have his or her first hiking trip, you may choose good hiking equipment such as a small or portable solar panel or hiking gear; however, you need to make sure that the one the recipient will be receiving is an item that he or she does not have.

Tip #3: Size and price do not matter

Almost everyone is in the impression that the bigger or more expensive a gift is, the better. On the contrary, it is not. A meaningful gift is not praised according to its size, shape, or how expensive it is. Instead, it is admired by its essence and the practicality attached to it. For instance, it is rather heart-warming to receive a personalized scarf than an expensive mug you just randomly purchased. For this reason, if you are planning to purchase a nice gift for your loved one, remember that meaningful gifts are important, especially when building a strong foundation between family members, friends, and or lovers.

Tip #4: Try gift cards

Almost everyone thinks that giving gift cards as a gift is quite impersonal – an assumption that the sender is being too lazy to think about what to purchase as a gift for that particular person. However, if you come to think of it, receiving a gift card is not bad at all. The receiver gets the chance to choose what they want with the gift card you gave them. It may look meaningless, but it is very practical; this is, as long as the gift cards that you provide will allow the receiver to purchase the things they want to buy but feeling guilty about it. Thus, receiving a gift card will allow them to purchase anything with a guilt-free feeling.

Tip #5: Present the gift personally

It is always heart-warming to receive a gift personally from someone you seldom see. It gives the receiver a feeling of a warm reunion, as well as, feeling special. So, if you want to make your gift meaningful and special, you have to personally give your gift to the receiver.