Smart Backpacking Tips: How to Use Packing Cubes Efficiently to Save Space

One of the most tiring parts in traveling is the pre-traveling phase, where you need to pack everything that is essential to your travel and make every little thing fit inside your bag. Fortunately, packing cubes are here to the rescue.

What are packing cubes?

Packing cubes are mini fabric luggage or small containers that help you:

  •    Pack your clothes and other essential items efficiently
    •    Create more space
    •    Pack and unpack things easily
    •    Locate the needed belongings fast and easy
    •    Eliminate belongings that are less important during your trip
    •    Separate clean and dirty clothes
    •    Keep your clothes from getting all sorts of wrinkles

Most packing cubes are lightweight and made with nylon zipper. Also, they come in different sizes and shapes, which enable you to fit the mini bags into your larger bag. But, how can you use travel cubes for packing efficiently?

To help you with your packing, here are some tips on how to use packing cubes efficiently to save space:

1. Choose the right packing cubes

There are several types and kinds of packing cubes, so you have to choose something that will fit your packing needs. Also, find packing cubes that will fit inside your travel bag. Here are some considerations that you need to think about before buying one:

  •    Which will you choose larger cubes or the smaller ones?

For a starter like you, you should choose smaller packing cubes because it will help you create more room in a fashionable way.

  •    Which one will you choose the flexible or the structured packing cubes?

Both kinds are excellent when it comes to organizing your belongings; however, for beginners, flexible packing cubes are much better than the structured packing cubes, but the former is much expensive than the latter.

  •    Should you buy more or less?

The lesser the greater; the concept of packing cubes is to help you pack up your things in an organized manner. If you have more packing cubes, it would be hard for you to keep up the space your travel bag has. Experts believe that 2-3 packing cubes of different sizes are enough.

2. Roll your clothes instead of folding

The best way to make enough space inside a luggage is through rolling than folding. Plus, it enables you to see what you have placed inside the mini bags.

3. Use single packing cube per clothing if possible

It would be space and time efficient to place each clothing or belongings separately or according to their use. For instance, you may place your undergarments in one packing cube together with your shirts. Also, if it is still possible, you may place your pants together with your shirt and undergarment; however, if space would not allow, find a smaller packing cube that can fit your pants, shorts, or skirts.

Make sure to place your cosmetics/sanitary kit/ hygiene kit and your hair blower in one packing cube for faster and easier unpacking and packing.

4. Keep an empty or extra packing cube

The extra packing cube will be used for your dirty clothes.