What are the Different Types of Motorcycle Gloves?

There is a myriad of motorcycle gloves for specific functions. Get to know each type of motorcycle gloves and find out which one fits your purpose.

Some people tend to overlook the importance of gloves. They prefer riding without it because it feels bulky. Remember that wearing gloves is a basic safety protocol. It protects your hands from injuries during accidents. Likewise, it keeps your hands covered from weather elements. It is better to wear gloves rather than none at all.

When it comes to riding gear, such as gloves, having two is never too many. Take note that each type of riding gloves has specialized functions and is used for specific occasions. For example, you can’t wear a pair of thin motorcycle gloves during winter. Thus, it is better to have one for different functions rather than none.

If you need a new pair of gloves, always remember that your goal is to choose one that matches your riding style and weather.

#1 Fingerless Gloves         

Some people need their fingers to feel tough yet sensitive to touch. Also, some jobs require efficient fingers for picking up small objects. Thus, wearing full-coverage gloves is not the best option.

In this situation, wearing fingerless gloves is the right decision. It keeps your palms protected without covering your fingers. Hence, you can still work efficiently without damaging your palms.

#2 Off-Road Gloves

If you are the type of motorbike rider who takes pleasure in off-trail and extreme rides, make sure to wear off-road motorcycle gloves. This hand protection gear is tougher and more resistant to impact compared to standard motorbike gloves.

Most off-road gloves are made of textiles with waterproofing and breathability features. Also, these gloves are lighter to assure riders are in full control.

#3 Moto-Cross Gloves

There are specific motorbike gloves for moto-cross. The design of these gloves aims to protect your hands and fingers without restricting the knuckles. It supports hand mobility and offers enough protection from impact as well as injuries.

Moto-cross gloves also work as summer gloves since they are lightweight and breathable.

#4 Winter Motorbike Gloves

These motorbike gloves have thermal linings that provide insulation. It keeps the hands warm, as well as maintains core body temperature when on the road during winter.

Additionally, most motorcycle gloves for winter have waterproofing capabilities. Gloves with this feature use Gore-Tex technology. However, such gloves are quite expensive. The good thing is some companies produce motorbike gloves for winter with aspects similar to Gore-Tex and more affordable.

#5 Gauntlet Gloves

Gauntlet gloves are perfect for trail rides. It is longer compared to standard motorbike glove length. It reaches about halfway up the forearm to provide extra protection.

If you want to ride off-road but have no gloves for such a purpose, a pair of gauntlet gloves is a good alternative. However, you need to remember that off-road gloves are more suitable for extreme rides since it has a better protective layer.

#6 Racing Gloves

Racer wears a certain type of gloves. These gloves can resist strong impact and incredibly tough. Most racing gloves have a gauntlet style to provide additional protection to the arms. It is also made of carbon with Kevlar which offers the best protection for fast crashes.