Top LED Headlight Conversion or Installation Problems

LED headlights are now becoming popular in the automotive industry – it is cost-efficient, long-lasting, and produces a very bright light. However, since some of the automobiles have a conventional power system, converting the old bulb headlights with LED headlights becomes a difficult task. If changing or installing LED headlights is new to you, you should avoid the common installation issues.

Why are you facing LED headlight issues?

Similar to other headlight issues, having LED headlight issues is no longer news. There are several different reasons why installing or converting the headlight with LED becomes a failure even after you have strictly followed the installation or conversion instructions. One of the common reasons why installing or changing the conventional bulb headlight with LED headlight becomes a difficult task is because the LED headlights work differently.

LED is a new technology that requires a specific power supply and connections; this is also one of the reasons why, when converting your old bulb headlight to LED, you need to check the LED headlight’s model compatibility with the car.

Here are the common headlight conversions or installation problems that you need to watch out for.

  • Driver Issues

Although adapters or drivers are used to install the LED headlights to the power system and make the conversion manageable, some car owners are still facing difficulties to make the LED headlight work.

One of the common reasons behind this is the driver or adapter is not compatible with the car’s power system. This is one of the reasons why, it is highly advisable to check the model of the driver, the LED headlight, and the power system if all are compatible. However, if the LED headlights come with a driver or an adaptor, still it does not work, try to use an anti-flicker adapter as an additional device.

  • LED Lights still glows after switching off the power supply

Although the afterglow from the LED headlights does not consume power, it can attract car breakers at night. The common reason for this is the LED headlight’s driver does not fit the power supply – either loose or tight. If in case the driver fits perfectly to the power supply, try to check the driver’s wiring; it could be one of the main culprits why LED headlights glow even when switched off.

  • Flickering lights

Another common conversion or installation problem is the flickering lights. The problem indicates that the driver is not compatible with the conventional power system your vehicle has. Another possible reason is the bulb is at fault. So, it is cost-efficient to have the headlight tested before purchasing.

Final Thoughts

There are more LED lighting issues that may arise few days after installing or converting your conventional headlight bulb to an LED headlight. To avoid those issues, you need to purchase the right LED headlight kit for your vehicle and read reliable posts and LED headlight installation advice to get additional detail. Also, if you can’t handle this technical side of headlight conversion, you can always talk to a professional.