Top Benefits of Compression Socks

Compression technology has gained increased attention in the last few years and people are finally beginning to understand that they’re not just for people who just had surgery. There are plenty of other people who can tremendously benefit from the use of compression socks and today we would like to tell you more about the benefits that runners can enjoy from wearing these.

It is true that you will hear lots of voices saying that actually, compression socks don’t do anything to help sportsmen and runners in particular. Well, my question for these people is: if compression socks are useless, why are they used after every single surgery? It is obvious that compression socks really work and that there are plenty of reasons why you should use them. Here are some of the top benefits associated with wearing compression socks if you are a runner.

  • Protection- a runner knows that when you do a trail in the middle of nature, then the night will end up with caring for bruises, scratches and all sorts of abrasions to prevent them from getting infected. Well, if you begin using compression socks, then you’ll be protected against all these.
  • Swelling- compression socks are primarily used after a surgical intervention to prevent swelling and to also prevent blood clogs from forming. Well, swelling prevention is also one of the reasons why a runner should wear these socks while training or in a course. They will limit the swelling and it really counts, especially if you’re in a race that lasts a few days, for example.
  • Dirt- this can be another problem especially for a runner who is in a long race but thanks to the compression socks, dirt won’t collect directly on the skin anymore.
  • Warmth- if you’re in a race during cold weather and you hate wearing tights, compression socks will represent a great alternative.

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