Tips on How to Arrange your Photoshop Workspace for Better and Faster Editing

Photo editing may seem easy, but it is not. It is a little complicated than you think; unless you know how to arrange your workspace.

What is a workspace in Photoshop?

The term workspace in Photoshop is used to refer to all settings or tools in photo editing that appear on your Photoshop interface or screen. Photoshop from Adobe has several parts including, the Home Screen, Photoshop Menu Bar, Photoshop Toolbar, Photoshop Options Bar, and other Photoshop Panels.

Does online Photoshop have similar features as the ones PC-installed? 

The Photoshop Adobe mobile app and an online Photoshop may have similar features to PC-installed Adobe software. However, there are upgraded variances that are locked for purchase on both mobile and online. Also, navigating the photo-editing website or the mobile app may have differences from the actual software, confusing your end. Nonetheless, all features work similarly.

What makes photo editing challenging is not the limited features, but the organization of your Photoshop workspace.

If you are new to photo editing using Photoshop, here useful tips on how to arrange your Photoshop workspace for better and faster editing:

Tip #1: Learn the shortcuts

Take note of the shortcuts that you’ll repeatedly use because this will help you edit the photo faster. These shortcuts are displayed on the right side of the menu item you have selected.

For instance, try to hold the Shift key and tap M once on your keyboard, you’ll get Rectangular Marquee; meanwhile, if you hold the Shift key and tap M once, you’ll get Ellipse Marquee.

Tip #2: Try to right-click icons

There are tools hiding behind every tool you find in the toolbar; all you need to do is ‘right clicking’ the icon. By doing this, you no longer need to toggle too much on the icon just to look for the right Photoshop tool to use.

For instance, if you try to right-click the Rectangular Marquee Tool, you’ll get a lot of new options.

Tip #3: Organize your Photoshop Options Bar

There is a Photoshop online free that has an organized workspace; so, you no longer to arrange it. However, if you are using the actual software on your PC, you’ll find several options on the Options Bar. To use each of the tools fast and easy, try to change or adjust each tool you often use. Also, to make it possible, you should remember the changes you have made when you are editing.

Tip #4: Organize your Photoshop Panel

Arrange your panel in one or more columns of the tools that you often use or depending on your requirement. Also, try to collapse the panel if it is not in use; this will save you some space. To do this, you need to click the double arrow icons. And to have them expand, use the same double arrow icon.

Tip #5: Group each tool accordingly

Make your workspace organized by grouping every tool accordingly. Try to experiment if needed. Do not hesitate to read additional tips like this. Lastly, do a lot of photoshopping, if you have time because this will help you get familiarize with the tool.