Steam Ironing Versus Regular Ironing: What’s the Difference?

11Everyone knows the importance of ironing garments, but does everyone knows the difference between steam ironing and regular ironing? Before differentiating the in-depth difference between the two, here is a brief overview.


Regular Dry Ironing

Regular dry ironing is an old-fashioned and traditional way of ironing. It has a temperature control system that enables the user to control the desired heat perfect for the fabric. The only seen problem for most traditional irons is some of them do not have a special mechanism that automatically turns off after a few minutes in idle, which is one of the reasons why some clothes get burned or in the worst case it may start a fire.

Steam Ironing

This powerful and efficient way of ironing is increasingly gaining popularity because of its various benefits including the convenience it provides. Most irons with steam mechanism have a dual purpose, either you can use it as a regular dry iron or you may use it as a steam iron. Steam irons are easy to use and fast to remove wrinkles then using the regular press irons, like the steam irons found in this website

What is the difference between the two? Below are the pros and cons of regular dry iron and the steam iron to fully understand the difference between the two:

Regular Dry Iron


  • The traditional ironing is a combination of pressure, humidity, and heat – a perfect combination that produces best ironing result.
  • Large dry ironing machines are best used for large linens, clothes, and more.
  • Can be brought during travel
  • Dry irons are perfect for silk and satin fabrics


  • Dry irons are limited
  • Mostly expensive than steam irons
  • If left idle on top of the cloth for a few moments, it may cause harm to the fabric
  • Can lead to fire if left unattended for most of these do not have an auto-off function

Steam Iron


  • Its unparalleled efficiency can flatten and remove wrinkles and creases faster than using a dry iron.
  • With its effective steam that jets out of the holes of the iron, it quickly relaxes the rowdy fibers of the fabric.
  • Can eliminate creases even in a vertical form, which is best for jackets, blinds, curtains, and any hanging fabrics.
  • Designed with auto-off functions
  • Fast and easy to use


  • Some low-quality steam irons are easy to malfunction caused by the water tanks
  • If without reading the instructions properly, it may harm the fabric, especially on unseen parts of the dress or any fabric.


While some believe that dry iron can smoothen the crinkles efficiently than the steam irons, several experts, on the other hand, find steam irons perfect for almost all kinds of fabric since the heat and humidity do not easily harm any kind of fabrics. In other words, steam irons are more efficient if used properly and according to the heat preferences. Now that you have sufficient knowledge about the two, you decide for yourself whether you will use the regular iron or the steaming iron.