Risks of Taking Wrong Magic Mushroom Dosage

When the subject is about alternative medicines for treating depression, stress, and psychological problems, cannabis and kratom are never far behind. These substances are well-known solutions to combatting depression, chronic pain, and other illnesses. Unfortunately, kratom and cannabis are difficult to obtain. Farming and harvesting these substances are illegal unless authorized by the government for medical researches. You can only acquire kratom and cannabis through online dispensaries in a limited amount.

If kratom and cannabis are not available, what is the best alternative to these substances? The answer is the magic mushroom.

Magic Mushroom: The Basics

Magic mushrooms (also called shrooms) grow in various parts of the United States, unlike cannabis and kratom, which are cultivated only in certain climates. Shrooms are also different from the traditional mushroom used as cooking ingredients. The former contains hallucinogens, specifically psilocybin and psilocin.

Magic mushrooms are psychoactive fungus. They induce hallucinations and euphoric feeling. Although shrooms have potential health benefits, particularly in treating psychological conditions, it is often used for recreational activities and in so-called spiritual enlightenment.

Because of the hallucinogenic compounds found in shrooms, it is labeled as a Schedule III drug by the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Therefore, activities, including unauthorized sale, possession, production, and use of the substance are deemed illegal. Though the substance is under such category, various studies are ongoing to discover and prove the potential health benefits of psilocybin.

The Risks of Magic Mushroom

Studies show that magic mushroom helps treat the effects of cancer treatment. Likewise, it promotes motivation, better mood, and energy. Shroom also fights depression, anxiety, chronic stress, and trauma, by helping the mind and body relax.

Shroom is not dangerous when used correctly. However, taking the wrong dosage of the substance can lead to various risks. Remember this; shroom potency depends on the type of mushroom. Some magic mushroom has low strength and milder effects. But some shroom variant contains a high level of psilocybin and very potent.

Common risks related to wrongful use and incorrect dosage of magic mushroom are the following:

  • “Bad Trip”

A ‘bad trip’ happens when a person consumes a high shroom dosage. It can lead to frightening paranoia, nightmare, and hallucinations. Moreover, it dulls the senses and becomes disoriented. People who experience ‘bad trip’ can no longer separate hallucinations from reality.

  • Changes in Mood

Taking a high psilocybin dosage can lead to an erratic mood. A person might even experience anxiety and panic attacks. The substance drastically changes behavior that might affect the safety of the person.

  • Physical Side-Effects

A high dosage of psilocybin increases the risk of high blood pressure and heart rate. It also consequences muscle weakness, convulsions, and exaggerated reflexes. There is a sudden increase in body temperature and excessive sweating. Too much psilocybin can also lead to numbness.

  • ‘Flashbacks’

Individuals who experience ‘bad trips’ tend to have flashbacks of their previous experience.


It is dangerous to use shroom without guidance from an experienced person. Likewise, it is risky for beginners to take high dosages of the substance. If you want to try magic mushroom, make sure to consult the experts, like the https://thefunguys.co/. They can teach you how to take shroom correctly, prevent its risks, and enjoy the experience.