Top Signs That You Have Acquired Noise-Induced Hearing Loss by Attending Loud Events

It is fun to work as a part of the working staff during concerts or at the bar or any loud entertainment venue, but being regular at these types of working areas can potentially cause damage to your hearing, especially when you aren’t using the right hearing protection.

Employees at loud entertainment venues are at high risk of acquiring Noise-Induced Hearing Loss – a hearing impairment that is caused by one-time or frequent exposure to a very loud sound – where the average sound level at places like these is measured to have 105 – 110 decibels. According to the experts, the safe sound level for humans is at 85 decibels and below; if exposed to sound 86 decibels and above, it can cause mild to severe hearing loss.

How will you know that your hearing is no longer as good as before?

To find out if you have acquired Noise-Induced Hearing Loss or NIHL from working at a loud entertainment venue or being at every concert of your favorite bands, here are the top signs that your hearing has been affected:

  1. You can hear sounds but having a hard time perceiving it. Frequent exposure to loud sounds can affect the way you perceive the normal level of sound. One for instance is the sound of conversation. The sound level of a normal conversation is at 60 dB and below; if your hearing has been affected you will notice that some of the words, during a conversation, sound like a mumble.
  2. Most sounds you hear become unclear or muffled. As mentioned, during a conversation, some words are hard for you to perceive, especially words that are soft to hear.
  3. You are having a hard time hearing or understanding someone’s dialogue from a distance at 3 feet away or further. This is one of the accurate signs that your hearing has been affected by constant exposure to loud sound from loud entertainment events.
  4. You will feel uncomfortable hearing loud noises. Not only you will have a hard time understanding soft words, but exposure to another type of loud sound can also make you feel uncomfortable.
  5. You are frequently experiencing tinnitus – a perception of noise that can be in form of ringing, roaring, whooshing, or a buzzing sound inside your ear – after being exposed to loud sounds for a long period.
  6. People around you are noticing that you are talking loudly than before. Since you are having a hard time perceiving soft sound, your brain will automatically increase the level of your voice.

How to protect your hearing?

There are several ways to protect your hearing, especially when you are working at a loud entertainment venue, but one of the most effective ways is to wear the right hearing protection. Also, you can find out more here on how to reduce the risk of acquiring NIHL when at concerts or loud bars.

Final Thoughts

Hearing is vital; once it is damaged it is irreversible. So, make sure to keep your hearing and your ears healthy and well-protected from loud and harmful sounds.

Toys for Kids with Speech Delay

It is a dream of every parent to see their kids growing up healthy and fine. But this sometimes is not the case with all the parents as few kids tend to have some problem with their health and wellbeing. One such problem with some kids is speech and language delay. This problem has been observed in around five to ten percent of pre-school kids in the USA. Speech delay can be treated with the help of medical consultation and therapies by experts in the field.

These days considering the effects of the social environment the kids live in; their interaction and engagement with the adults around them and the outdoor and indoor activities they get involved in are influencing the kid’s behavior in negating the speech delay in kids. Also, it has been observed that kids with speech delays are sowing substantial improvements after being engaged with some toys that are tailor-made to aide in the recovery of children from speech delay. Many experts believe that these speech therapy toys for toddlers start giving good results after continuous use by the kids for a decent duration. Interestingly, the effectiveness of the toys depends upon the proper selection of the toys based on the age and present condition of the child vis-à-vis speech and language-related issues.

Let us see a little bit more into the selection of the right type of toys for your kid. There are divided opinions on the presence of battery in the toys among experts. For example, experts don’t want to have batteries in the farm set while they prefer to have the batteries in the vacuum cleaner set. As they don’t want the barn to make noises instead the kid should, in the same line the vacuum cleaner must make noise so that the kid can relate the same with a real one in operation in the house and may imitate as well.

Open-ended toys are the toys that have practically no start or end to them; hence they leave a child to do a lot with them and allow them to explore their creativity while playing with those toys. Similarly, traditional toys such as wooden blocks, transportation toys, and dollhouses, etc can also be used in many ways to boost the child’s speaking abilities. Often the toy selection must be done keeping the fact in mind that the toys which make your kid moving while helping him in his speaking problems are a better option than the ones that let him stay static and play.

It is no doubt that therapies and toys will help your kid overcome this problem albeit it takes some time. Still, as parents, you should be focused on giving more time to your kid, indulge him in more talking and playing with you and other adults in the home. It’s the love and affection coupled with the therapy that will be more effective in bringing good results to the effort your kid is putting in to get better.

How to Keep your Living Space Safe from Harmful Household Bacteria

Your home serves as a comfortable refuge for you and your family. It is where you feel secured and protected. But did you know that your home is a hidden world of microbes?

Every corner of your home is thriving with germs. These microorganisms could be on the couch where you lounge, at the dinner table, bathroom, and even in the air. According to experts, thousands of microbes can be found in house dust. And the most common household bacteria that could cause health harm are Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Corynebacteria, E.coli, Salmonella, and fungal species, such as Leptosphaerulina chartarum, Epicoccum nigrum, and Wallemia sebi.

These microbes and fungal species can cause allergy, respiratory problems, digestive issues, and skin irritation. Moreover, people with asthma and other similar conditions will suffer more from exposure to these microorganisms.

Then, how can you protect your family from household germs and fungal species? Here is why you need to install an air purifier.

How Air Purifiers Keep Your Home Safe?

Keeping your home clean and sanitized are the fundamental steps to ensure your family’s health. However, remember that microbes won’t easily go away with wiping and sweeping.

Installing an air purifier in your home helps removes microbes – an air purifier that consists of a filter or multiple layers of filters, and a fan. An advanced air purifier sucks the pollutants, particles, and microbes present in the air. Then, clean air is pushed back into the room.

Beware that not all air purifiers can eradicate germs. You have to choose an air purifier with a True HEPA filtration system. This type of filter can remove 99.97% of air contaminants. Moreover, it filters substances and microbes up to 0.3 microns in size.

Some air purifiers have built-in UV light technology. This feature releases light to attack impurities in the air, including microbes. The light stays inside the unit and kills the bacteria sucked in the filter.

You will notice that some air purifiers have a carbon filtration system. This filtration system works similarly to HEPA filter, but instead of removing substances and germs, it filters traps gasses, odors, and fumes. Carbon filters have tiny absorbent pores that absorb gasses and fumes, which are common causes of unpleasant odor and allergies.

Is Spending Money on Air Purifiers Worth it?

Air purifiers secure your family’s health by keeping it free from harmful household bacteria, fungal species, and fumes. Installing this unit is a good option for families with household members with respiratory problems and allergies.

Although air purifiers can stop the bacterial spread and fungal growth, it is not the best solution for killing viruses. Remember that viruses are smaller than bacteria. Thus, even the most advanced air purifier can’t kill a virus. However, it can protect your family from pollutants, bacteria, and other air impurities.

More Thoughts

If you are planning to purchase an air purifier, make sure to consult reviews of household products here at HomeAddons. This source provides detailed product reviews of appliances for home comfort, kitchen, bath, and outdoors. Also, see their buying tips and comparisons to find out the best air purifier unit to purchase.

Five Factors to Consider When Looking for a French Press to Buy

The rich taste and aroma of French Press coffee is a piece of heaven. Indeed, what a wonderful thing it is to have a cup of delicious French press coffee every morning.

French press coffee is the classic version of all coffees. It brings out the richness and strong taste of delicious natural coffee oils. Moreover, it feels creamier and more delectable in comparison to the rest.

A perfect French press coffee begins with a functional French Press coffee maker. If you don’t have one, now is the time to add one for your kitchen. By owning a French Press coffee maker, you no longer have to visit coffee shops only to get a cup of your favorite beverage. You can make one at home every single time you crave for it.

When it comes to searching for buying French Presses, make sure to choose one with the finest quality. Here are some tips for choosing the best French presses this 2020.

#1 Check the Material

French Presses vary in material, from plastic to glass. From these options, plastic is the last thing you would want to choose. Though it is cheap, plastic has a short lifespan. The best material for French Presses is glass and stainless steel. These options are durable and have a long lifespan. Likewise, glass and stainless steel are safe for health. Unfortunately, glass is prone to breakage. Thus, you’ll have to be careful when using a French Press with a glass carafe.

#2 Look for the Right Size

Your goal is to find a French Press with enough size that will allow preparing one or two large mugs or small cups. A single-serve (50 ounces) French Press coffee maker is good, only if you make coffee for one person. Larger models will suit better if you love drinking coffee and have received guests often. Generally, the ideal French Press coffee maker size is 12oz to 34 oz.

#3 Consider the Design

Of course, you wouldn’t want a French Press coffee maker that stands out like a sore thumb in your kitchen. You want it aesthetically pleasing and match perfectly with your kitchen interiors. Likewise, look for options with ergonomic features, such as an easy-to-grip handle.

#4 Watch Out for the Filter System

Every manufacturer employs different filter systems on their French presses. Some include a simple filter, whereas others have an elaborate and more advanced multi-layer filter system.

In a simple filter system, tiny coffee bits can pass through, including the coffee oil. On the other hand, a multi-layer filter system prevents even the tiniest coffee grounds and sediments to go in your cup.

#5 Find Out the Brand’s Reputation

If it is your first time buying a French Press coffee maker, it is best to choose a well-known brand to guarantee a good purchase. You can’t go wrong by selecting a French press from a reputable brand. You can ensure the item has a durable build, safe to use, and has a long lifespan.

More Advice

Selecting your first French Press coffee maker can be an overwhelming experience. So if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to ask help from reliable sources and make sure to follow the above tips.

Top Budget-Friendly Large 3D Printer for Beginner and Professional Use

3D printers are one of the greatest developments that transfigured the printing industry. It broke the boundaries of printing. With this technology, you can turn images into real objects. Hence, 3D printing offers countless opportunities and limitless possibilities.

Since the dawn of 3D printers, more and more people are becoming invested in this technology. Many industries use 3D printers to create prototypes and parts of an object. Examples of the industries that employ 3D printing are healthcare, engineering, automotive, architecture, construction, education, and consumable products. Meanwhile, some individuals do 3D printing as a hobby.

If you want to begin 3D printing, the first thing you have to do is invest a 3D printer. When it comes to 3D printers, know that the size of the machine is one factor to consider. Smaller 3D printers only allow you to create small projects. For larger and complicated projects, you’ll have to use a larger 3D printer, like QIDI Tech X-Plus.

What is QIDI Tech X-Plus? 

QIDI Tech X-Plus is the current product line of QIDI, a well-known manufacturer and distributor of high-performing 3D printers. The X-Plus is an upgrade to QIDI’s former model, the X-Pro. The company made the printer more suitable for complex and larger 3D printing projects. Moreover, QIDI made it possible that the X-Plus lineup has the best features for both beginner and professional use.

Why Choose QIDI Tech X-Plus? 

Many detailed large 3D printer reviews claim that QIDI Tech X-Plus is one of the best 3D printers this 2020. But what makes this 3D printer unique?

#1 Large Print Volume

The 3D printer has impressive printing space of 11.8 x 9.8 x 11.8 inches, and with layers as small as 50 microns. With such a working space, you can print both small and large projects.

#2 Prints Huge Variety of Filaments

The X-Plus is compatible with a huge variety of filaments. It can print using ABS, PLA, TPU, and even high-temperature filaments, such as PC and Nylon. Therefore, this 3D printer offers countless printing opportunities, from various projects in different materials to large-sized projects. It is all thanks to the printer’s high-temperature capacity that it can melt different types of materials.

#3 Connectivity Options

There are many ways to connect the X-Plus to your device. It is one of the best 3D printers with generous connectivity options, which includes tethered and untethered USB, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet.

#4 User-Friendly Setup

Although the machine’s setup targets professional users, the X-Plus is also a good option for beginners. It is a user-friendly machine with the easy-to-learn operation. Moreover, it only takes a few minutes to assemble to a printer. The product comes with a detailed instructional manual to help you get started with the printer fast and easy.

#5 Affordable

QIDI’s X-Plus is an affordable 3D printer. It costs lesser compared to many 3D printers with almost similar features. Indeed, it is a good 3D printer starter for beginners who want to enter this industry.


Is X-Plus by QIDI a good value for the money?

Yes, it is. This 3D printer is one of the best budget-friendly options this 2020, plus with incredible features. If this option is not the one for you, check out alternatives at Hands Tools For Fun.

Beginner’s Guide to Best Parental Control Software: How to Pick the Right Software

Why do you need to install parental control software? It is a no-brainer question because it is a necessity.

According to a study, children ages 2 to 5 years old would consume at least two hours a day online and at least six hours for children ages 8 to 12. The problem is, children these days are getting more curious; they will try to explore deep in the world of online when they found something that seems interesting. Unfortunately, the World Wide Web harbors all types of people, even the bad ones.

If you want to keep your children getting exposed to the bad side of social media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more) and the World Wide Web in general, you should invest parental control software; and when it is about picking what parental control software is best, here are a few tips to follow:

#1: Pick a software according to your child’s age

How old is your child? Is he or she under 12 years old? Or are you picking parental control software for your teenager?

It is a necessity to pick software that will cover the unnecessary sites according to the child’s age; for instance, your 10-year old child doesn’t need to access social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and more. Also, they shouldn’t have an access to online shopping sites, especially when they know where you keep your credit card.

If you are picking software that could keep your teenage child safe from cyberbullying, you should pick parental control software that will lessen their access to social media sites or software that will allow you, as a parent or a guardian, to track their movement online.

#2: Choose a parental control software that offers the best features

In general, you just want to keep your children safe from cyberbullying, videos, and online challenges that can affect their well-being, adult contents, online threats, pedophiles, and more, which is quite a handful. So, to ensure you are getting the most of what you will pay for, you should choose parental control software that offers most of these best features:

  • The software supports all device types that you have in your home.
  • It allows you to track if someone is using VPN technology.
  • It enables you to filter websites that promote hate, violence, and porn.
  • It allows you to limit your child’s access to the internet.
  • Track your child’s movement on the internet.
  • It allows you to monitor your child’s contact and messages.
  • It allows you to remotely monitor your child’s movement on the internet in real-time and lock the device when you need to.

Final Thoughts

Is installing parental control software too much?

No; with too much drama happening in the world of online, your child could be at risk of all sorts of danger, which you can control. So, if you think you need a particular app to keep your child safe from the bad side of the internet, by all means, you should.

If you need additional details on the best parental control software today, visit App Soft Hub’s website now.

Best Solar Streetlight Brands Recommendation this 2020

Adding streetlights outside of your residential area or any establishment reduces the risk of accidents. Moreover, the illumination offers convenience to people walking in the area. Also, it strengthens the sense of security within your property’s perimeter.

Unfortunately, standard streetlights consume a lot of energy. Since it relies on commercial electricity, expect that your energy bill will rise. The operational cost of streetlights is nowhere from cheap. That is why many home and business owners started switching to solar streetlights.

Solar streetlights do not utilize electricity to work. It absorbs solar energy, conserves it, and converts it into electricity. Hence, solar streetlights are more cost-efficient compared to standard lighting systems. Moreover, it is cost-free in terms of energy consumption since it depends on solar energy to work. Likewise, solar streetlights have a longer lifespan. It could last from three to five years, depending on the light’s quality.

In a nutshell, solar streetlights are the best alternative to conventional streetlights.

What are the Top Choice Solar Streetlights?

With the increasing demand for solar lights, it is not surprising that there are several manufacturers of this lighting system today. The availability of solar streetlights is not the issue, but looking for the best option in the market. Given its staggering number of brands and models, searching for one can get overwhelming and confusing for a beginner.

If you are new to solar streetlights, consulting reliable online sources for top recommended solar streetlights is a smart move. It’ll narrow your options, making it easier to find the right choice.

You are probably already wondering what the top solar streetlight brands are this year. To make things easier for you, check out the list below.

#1 YQL by Shenzhen Lighting Inc.

Have you heard about YQL? What about Shenzhen Lighting Inc.?

If you are familiar with the former, no doubt, you’ve recognized the latter name. YQL is one of the lighting brands of Shenzhen Lighting Inc. This company has a great reputation in this industry. They are well-known globally for their high-quality lighting products and devices. And their solar streetlights are not an exception.

#2 Tenkoo

Another solar streetlight brand you can trust is Tenkoo. It is an international manufacturer of high-quality LED lamps and specializes in innovative LED lighting solutions. And today, they also offer solar lights to customers.

#3 PSG by Envelop Group

The Envelop Group is known for its efficient and innovative energy sourcing solutions. One of their best creations is PSG solar streetlights.

The PSG solar streetlight features a simplistic design. Despite its minimalistic look, it has a lot of power. It features a high-capacity battery and 12,000 lumens light. The large coverage of PSG solar streetlights makes it an ideal option for commercial establishments.


The above three options are only some of the most recommended solar streetlights this year. Likewise, there’s more you need to know about these streetlights. To find additional details regarding their specifications, advantages, and drawbacks, you can go to Solar Guide Light.

Always do plenty of research and consult experts when looking for a solar lighting system. Doing so will help you to find the best options and avoid poor quality products.

Buyer’s Guide to Best Chainsaw Sharpener: How to Choose the Best

Keeping the sharpness of your chainsaw’s blade is one of the basic, yet critical responsibilities of owning this type of high-powered machine. Remember that frequent use of chainsaw can make the chain blunt and hard to use. Fortunately, there are tools to make it sharp; one of them is a high-powered chainsaw sharpener.

If you are planning to invest one of these top chainsaw sharpener this 2020, here are some useful tips that will help you choose the best one.

Tip #1: Choose according to the cutter type

Chainsaws are classified according to the type of their cutter – it is referred to as the shape of the chain, namely chisel, semi-chisel, and low-profile cutter. If you are going to invest a chainsaw sharpener, make sure you know which chainsaw according to its cutter type you should choose.

  • Full-chisel cutters are designed with square-cornered teeth; these powerful and efficient hardwood cutters are used in high speed.
  • Semi-chisel cutters have teeth with rounded corners; these are used in dealing with softwoods.
  • Low-profile cutters are the most common type of chain; the teeth are rounded, similar to semi-chisel cutters but have unique design between the teeth.

So, if you are going to purchase a chainsaw sharpener, make sure that it matches the chainsaw’s cutter type.

Tip #2: Learn about the different chainsaw file size         

Knowing the different chainsaw file size will help you choose the right sharpener that is compatible with your chainsaw. Remember, there are different types of files for chainsaw chains; these are the popular ones:

  • 4 mm or ¼-inch chainsaw chain file size
  • 4.8 mm or 0.325-inch chainsaw chain file size
  • 5.2 mm or 3/8-inch chainsaw chain file size
  • 5.5 mm or 0.404-inch chainsaw chain file size

Tip #3: Choose according to the type of chainsaw sharpener

After getting the details on the basic, your next step is to find out which type of chainsaw sharpener is convenient for you – handheld, bar-mounted guide, or electric chainsaw sharpener.

  • Handheld chainsaw sharpeners are the most popular type of chainsaw sharpener. It is cheap, portable, and easy to use. These types of sharpeners are often in round-file models.
  • Bar-mounted guide chainsaw sharpeners are portable and are often used at a workshop or shed. These types of chainsaw sharpener need to be mounted on a steady and stable platform.
  • Electric chainsaw sharpeners are the most expensive types of chainsaw sharpener in the market today; these are often used by the professionals. And just like the bar-mounted guide chainsaw sharpeners, electric models must be mounted on a steady and stable platform.

Choose a chainsaw sharpener that is convenient and easy to use.

Here are a few top chainsaw sharpeners that you can find in the market today:

  • Timberline chain sharpener
  • Oregon 520-120 Bench Saw Chain Grinder
  • Granberg Bar-Mount Sharpener
  • Timber Tuff CS-BWM Benchtop Sharpener
  • Blue Max 5655 Bench Sharpener
  • Oregon 30846 12-Volt Sharpener
  • STIHL 2 IN 1 EASY FILE Chainsaw Sharpener
  • Sportsman Earth Series Chainsaw Sharpener
  • Husqvarna 653000035 Chain Sharpener

Was this helpful?

If you need additional details on these, you may visit the Best Yard Tools’ website today.

Buying Guide for New Users: Frequently Asked Questions about NVR Security System

Are you planning to invest in a security camera system? First things first, you need to choose between NVR (Network Video Recorder) systems and DVR (Digital Video Recorder) systems.

What’s the difference?

Network Video Recorder or NVR systems primarily record and store video surveillance from IP cameras; these cameras can capture and process both audio and video data themselves. To power up and connect to the network, NVR uses an Ethernet cable or an existing WiFi network.

Meanwhile, the Digital Video Recorder systems are considered as the older version of security systems. It works with Analog cameras; unfortunately, most of these cameras cannot process video footage but lets you stream raw video recordings to the recorders through the co-axial cables.

In other words, the recorder processes the video data in DVR, whereas in the NVR the systems, the camera can encode and process video data. For this reason, most of the tech experts would recommend their clients chooses the NVR security system over DVR. To choose the best NVR, try to visit these well-reviewed NVR security systems that are available in the market today at

Here are a few frequently asked questions about NVR security systems that you should know:

#1: Why choose NVR security systems over DVR?

While most of the NVR security systems are a modern type of security systems, here are a few more reasons why you should consider NVR:

  • It can record high-quality videos with its compatible IP cameras with resolutions 2MP, 4MP, 5MP, and 12MP.
  • It is easy to use, install and doesn’t require too much cabling effort or too many configurations or complex port forwarding.
  •  It can be placed anywhere as long as there is a network available.

#2: What cameras can you use for NVR?

IP cameras are used for NVR; it captures and encodes video data to the NVR. However, when purchasing NVR, you can’t just choose any IP cameras since there are two main types that you need to choose from.

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) cameras – These are wired IP cameras that use Ethernet cable (CAT5e or CAT6) or networking cable for power and data.
  • WiFi security cameras or Wireless IP cameras – These cameras require a power source and works via the WiFi network.

If you are going to choose between the two cameras, the PoE cameras are the most convenient and reliable; the single cable for power and data connection helps eliminate intermittent data recording, unlike WiFi security cameras that are prone to irregular network recording.

However, if WiFi security cameras’ limitations and flaws are taken into serious account, you’ll get a better video recording.

#3: Are there pros and cons?

Like many other products, the NVR security cameras have their pros and cons; these include the following:


  • Can record both video and audio.
  • The cameras used can produce quality images with better coverage.
  • The system is flexible.
  • Available in wired and wireless.
  • You only need one cable for audio, video, and power.
  • The cameras can easily identify faces and plate numbers.


  •  It can be quite expensive.

Was this helpful?

If you need additional detail on NVR security systems, try to visit PhenomSecurity’s website.

Tips to Running Healthy and Injury-Free

Running doesn’t always mean it can make you physically fit and healthy; there are instances that you may get injuries too. According to statistics, 80 percent of runners would often deal with minor to major running-related injuries every year, especially for new runners.

Accidents are inevitable when you are running – that’s a fact; however, it can be avoided. Whether it is a simple running miscalculation or a major one, you don’t deserve any of it, as long as you follow these tips for a healthy and injury-free running:


#1: Wear the right gear

Invest in some good quality running gear which includes running shoes and even compression leggings or compression socks; this will protect your leg muscles, joints, tendons, and even your bones, whenever you are running or training.

In terms of good quality, a good pair of running shoes must be the right type according to your weight, the size of your feet, the materials used, and how comfortable the shoes are. If you are going to purchase a pair of compression leggings or compression socks that are fit for workout and training, it must be comfortable to wear – not loose, and not so tight either – and it should be snug but won’t restrict good blood circulation.

#2: Choose the right place to run

There are several places to run; however, not all running areas are created equally. There are running tracks that are too complex to run; these include rocky terrain, steep terrain, uphill, and several other unequal and hard surfaces.

It is fine to try those types of running trails, but not too often that could cause you injuries, especially when you are a beginner. Instead, look for a safe and easy place to run. Running track near me is one way to find the ideal running track that is near you. It can either be at a community park, bank of a lake or river, at a local school or college, and or a fitness club, as long as it is safe and easy to run, especially for beginners.

#3: Practice stretching

Before you run or start any of your physical training, you have to practice some good stretches. Stretching helps keep the muscle tissue flexible, healthy, and strong; remember that running will tighten or shorten your muscles, which may lead to muscle tissue pull and strains. However, if you practice stretching before running or doing any kind of physical training, you are helping your muscle tissue to become more flexible, which helps reduce muscle soreness after workout or injuries during physical training or when running.

#4: Plan your running routine

Create a running training plan; this will help you achieve your goal and improve your running performance. A good running training plan should include the following:

  • Your daily or weekly goal; how far are you able to keep up from scratch?
  • Increase mileage gradually. Try to increase your running mileage by 10 – 20 percent each week; never run too far from what your body can afford because your body requires enough time to adapt, especially when you are a beginner.
  • Run in good weather conditions.
  • Create a rest day; it is not good to run every day. As mentioned, the body requires enough time to adapt.

When running, do not push yourself to the limit because if you do, you’ll suffer muscle problems that can lead to limited mobility.