Minky ergo ironing board review

The minky ergo ironing board has a design, which ensures you get the speed, performance, and comfort that you require. It has a double-sided rest. The shape of the ironing board is special to follow natural movements for those that use the right as well as the left hands. It is the right size for most people but it is most stable at 30 cm or slightly higher. Though you can remove the flex guide, it is quite bulky. Your may trap your fingers when you try to close it. It is very strong, does not tip and it is sturdy. It is light and you can move it around. The quality that this board offers is worth its price. The cover is special and it will give you the assistance you require when you are ironing.

ironing board2

Product description

  • It has a height adjustment that is ideal for many users. The height adjusts from zero up to thirty-six inches.
  • It has a guarantee that runs for 5 years. The manufacturer and designer are in the United Kingdom.
  • It has a movable flex guide. This is useful and ensures there are no snagging and tangling. You can also clip it to the position that you are most comfortable.
  • The reflective cover against heat is made from bespoke prozone. It is very helpful and improves on the speed when you are ironing. There are reflective coatings of metal that are one hundred percent cotton.
  • The four legs are at an angle for easy sitting. The finish is as if it is contemporary gunmetal. The flex storage is removable.


The ratings of the minky ergo-ironing board are out of five, the highest score being five.

  • Ease of usage – most of the customers gave it a score of 4.3. This means many of those who have it find it easy to use.
  • Design – It scored 3.9. The design is unique and the flex storage is removable and movable.
  • Instructions – it comes with a full set of instructions that have translations into many languages. Over sixty percent of customers found the instructions helpful.
  • Performance – it is one of the best performing boards due to its unique features. The legs, flex, and the bespoke prozone cover help improve performance.


  • It has a very large flex guide. It is long enough for steam generator cables and you are able to position it anywhere on the edge of your board.
  • There is a thick padding and a cover that helps it stay tight when you are using it.
  • The height options range is very impressive.
  • The elasticized cover is very easy to remove.
  • The rack, which is under the board, keeps the steam generators out of your way as you work.


  • It is very heavy to carry around and store it.
  • You may trap your fingers between the steam generator and the board when you are closing it.
  • Though the cost may seem high, it is worth every penny.