Choosing the Best Water Shoes

3Have you ever tried wearing your regular shoes when you go river rafting or when you try out different kinds of water sports? Were you comfortable with them? Did they keep your feet from getting wet? Possibilities are … NOT. This is because different kinds of shoes are made and used for different kinds of activities. Water shoes are specially made to be used for various activities involving water. Think rafting, water aerobics, kayaking, boating, and even hiking in wet terrain. In all these activities, you would not be able to prevent your feet from getting wet. The only thing you can do is give your feet the needed support, protection, and comfort they need while doing such activities so that you would also be able to enjoy doing them.


By using a quality pair of water shoes, you would not to worry about scratching your toe or slipping on wet rocks while you’re having fun. Water shoes are, in fact, becoming more and more popular to athletes and outdoor activities enthusiasts alike. And there are numerous manufacturers that are producing various styles and designs that are out in the market today. For you to choose the best one for you, you might want to consider checking the following features.


1. Materials


Since you would be using your shoes in different terrains, you would need a pair made of durable materials. You would also want to choose one that is flexible and breathable to help keep your feet cool. Some shoes also have insulation to keep your feet warm when swimming in cold water. Try them out for comfort, as well. You would want your feet to be as comfortable as possible even when wearing the shoes for a long time. Most of the materials that are used in quality shoes like Smart Sports Shoes dry easily.


2. Soles


If your activities require you to be outside the water more often than not, you might need a pair with thicker soles to protect your feet when you are stepping on hard and sharp rocks or other surfaces. Thicker soles would also protect your heel from the heat of some ground surfaces. Check the tread of the sole, too. You would want a design that gives optimal traction so you would not slip or fall when undertaking wet and slippery surfaces.


3. Toe Guards


Toe guards are very important and can be seen in most models and designs of water shoes. This feature would protect your toes when you bump into rocks or hard objects when you are in or out of the water.


4. Support


If you are purchasing water shoes for activities that would involve a lot of walking and feet movement, you would need support on the ankle part. This would prevent you from getting a sprain when you fall or slip on loose rocks. Some designs such as some Smart Sports Shoes, have special features that would give you this kind of support.


5. Ease of Use


Not only should the shoes be comfortable when you are already wearing them, they should also be easily slipped on and off, especially if you are not going to use them the whole day.