How to Wear Dresses in the Winter: 6 Tips to Remember

There is nothing like wearing a beautiful dress to make you feel empowered and ready to take on the world, especially in the business setting. However, it can be difficult to find clever ways to pull of your beautiful dresses during the winter seasons. These colder temps can make it seem like there is no way to wear your nicest dresses to work or throughout your busy schedule, and that is why we are here. We are going to bring you 6 of our best tips for wearing dresses during the winter season, so let’s get started! Fee free to read more here in regards to women’s business attire.


Pair It With A Sweater:

When it comes to our winter wardrobe, most of us can pull out beautiful and comfortable chunky sweaters that we absolutely love to wear. You can take your ensemble to a whole new level by turning your favorite dress into a skirt and wearing it under your sweater. Add a jacket over top of that plus a pair of tights (to keep the cold at bay from your legs) and a cute bootie, and you’re set!

Compliment Your Peasant Dress:

If you have a peasant dress in your closet that loves to see the light, you can find an easy winter ensemble to pair it with! When adding layers to your peasant dress, it is important to remember to find a complementary color scheme to help pull the look together.

Pair Your Favorite Maxi Dress With A Sweatshirt:

This might seem a little on the far reaching side, but hear us out! Maxi dresses are so comfortable and easy to throw on, both during the summer and winter months. Adding a crew neck pullover sweatshirt overtop of your favorite maxi dress can add a more feminine touch to a comfortable sweatshirt (that is often paired with jeans), and is also versatile.

Shoulder-less Dresses:

This past season, we saw the ever rising popularity of cold shoulder and shoulderless blouses and dresses. You may think that this shoulder-less design is only meant for summer, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! You can easily pair your shoulder-less dress that is hanging in your closet with a turtleneck underneath. You can even continue to add another layer on top with a gilet or some other sleeveless jacket or vest you might have.

Make A Statement:

You can never go wrong adding a statement piece to your ensemble, and in the winter months, your best statement can be made with that statement coat. Pair a colorful or fun print statement coat with your shirtdress in your wardrobe along with a pair of knee high boots.

Pair It With Leggings/Pants:

This is more than likely the number one go to for pulling off a dress during these cold winter months of the season. This is a simple solution to making your favorite summer dresses a fashion statement in the dead of winter. Just remember to keep your pants and leggings on the slimmer side as to not add too much bulk underneath your dress.

There are so many ways to compliment your winter style this season, and the best option is to add your favorite summer dresses into the mix. Whether you are looking to boost your confidence in the office, or add a splash of color to your busy daily schedule, you can’t go wrong with these amazing tips for wearing a dress during the winter months. Try out these tips and tricks with your wardrobe, and dress to impress every single day.