How to use coupons

With basic necessities having there price hike all over, shopping effectively as well as saving is very essential than it ever was. With coupons once you use them wisely you can easily get deals that are favorable. Below are steps on how to effectively use coupons but you can also read more here.


Avoiding any unnecessary purchasing or temptations to make purchases

Having a coupon does not allow you to just get what the coupon gives. As a matter of fact, such act would lead you to lose much cash than you thought you were saving.

Make comparisons of various stores concerning their coupon’s policies

Although the store might be the same though located in different country or state, rules on coupons processing might be varied for the stores. What you need to do is conduct research on the store’s redeeming value of coupons. This is much essential since you may find some stores doubling the coupons value up to around 99 cents and above with others even tripling the coupons value. However, there are also other stores with no value multiplying policy. Persons residing in those regions tripling the coupon value at times end up getting things for free or at very small amount as compared to those in places with no multiplication of value.

Understand stacking

Stacking can be defined as a case whereby an individual applies a coupon from a store together with coupon from manufacturer. For instance super-centers and also drug stores like Walgreens have store coupons of their own. If such stores have their policy on coupon applicable, you can use such coupons alongside the valid coupon from the manufacturer. For most grocery stores, store coupons are provided from the booklets or provided alongside purchase receipt.

Check for fliers on sales on weekly basis and weekly awards

These fliers are the items available in the store but going for prices which are so low below the normal price of the store. For instance, holiday items like potato chips, chocolate chips and canned sauce among others will cost very low prices.

You can also sign up to be receiving coupons regularly as a component of reward to loyalty of the card scheme which the retailers use. Register for a card of rewards with the drugstore or grocery in your locality. Apart from getting goods on discount, you will also get rewarded with coupons as you check out.

Make comparisons of final prices and sales prices for every store with the coupons

For stores which double coupons most probably the product’s final price will be lower significantly that the price in another store.

List making

Make an items’ list on your envelope on the items you plan to purchase together with matching coupons. You as well can consider making another column alongside the list highlighting the much you will pay for every item. For the different stores insert coupons on each store as planned.

As you shop go by your list

While doing the actual shopping avoid getting anything which is not written on the list. One of the commonly made mistakes by people while shopping is going against listed items especially grocery shopping.