Minky ergo ironing board review

The minky ergo ironing board has a design, which ensures you get the speed, performance, and comfort that you require. It has a double-sided rest. The shape of the ironing board is special to follow natural movements for those that use the right as well as the left hands. It is the right size for most people but it is most stable at 30 cm or slightly higher. Though you can remove the flex guide, it is quite bulky. Your may trap your fingers when you try to close it. It is very strong, does not tip and it is sturdy. It is light and you can move it around. The quality that this board offers is worth its price. The cover is special and it will give you the assistance you require when you are ironing.

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Product description

  • It has a height adjustment that is ideal for many users. The height adjusts from zero up to thirty-six inches.
  • It has a guarantee that runs for 5 years. The manufacturer and designer are in the United Kingdom.
  • It has a movable flex guide. This is useful and ensures there are no snagging and tangling. You can also clip it to the position that you are most comfortable.
  • The reflective cover against heat is made from bespoke prozone. It is very helpful and improves on the speed when you are ironing. There are reflective coatings of metal that are one hundred percent cotton.
  • The four legs are at an angle for easy sitting. The finish is as if it is contemporary gunmetal. The flex storage is removable.


The ratings of the minky ergo-ironing board are out of five, the highest score being five.

  • Ease of usage – most of the customers gave it a score of 4.3. This means many of those who have it find it easy to use.
  • Design – It scored 3.9. The design is unique and the flex storage is removable and movable.
  • Instructions – it comes with a full set of instructions that have translations into many languages. Over sixty percent of customers found the instructions helpful.
  • Performance – it is one of the best performing boards due to its unique features. The legs, flex, and the bespoke prozone cover help improve performance.


  • It has a very large flex guide. It is long enough for steam generator cables and you are able to position it anywhere on the edge of your board.
  • There is a thick padding and a cover that helps it stay tight when you are using it.
  • The height options range is very impressive.
  • The elasticized cover is very easy to remove.
  • The rack, which is under the board, keeps the steam generators out of your way as you work.


  • It is very heavy to carry around and store it.
  • You may trap your fingers between the steam generator and the board when you are closing it.
  • Though the cost may seem high, it is worth every penny.

The rise of modern kitchenware… a focus on immersion blenders

As man’s advancement in technology continues, the kitchen has not been left behind. The kitchen is a vital room for man. This is where the food that man depends on for survival is prepared. The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house. Many times when buying a house, one of the main factors that determines the final choice of a house to buy is the state of the kitchen. In modern times, assorted appliances are ubiquitous in the kitchen.

The kitchen is a room where several activities take place. These activities include preparing raw food before cooking, the actual cooking, packaging the food for serving, and finally washing all the utensils and appliances that have been used in the processes.

As mankind has advanced, he has come up with assorted appliances that help make the kitchen work easier and faster. For example, traditionally when cooking French fries one had to toil peeling potatoes, cutting them up into thin pieces, then deep frying them in a pan. Today all these processes can be done using kitchen appliances that will make the work easier. There are appliances to peel potatoes, appliances to cut the potatoes into thin pieces, and a deep fryer that is much safer and efficient as compared to the traditional deep frying pan.

There are numerous kitchen appliances and many times several of them perform similar tasks. For example, there are many types of blenders. All blenders perform the basic function of chopping up the food into small pieces and mixing up food ingredients. Blenders usually have the same mechanisms with a rotor with blades being used to chop up or mix the ingredients.

There are however different types of blenders. There are traditional table top blenders where the device has a container with the blades at the bottom. One puts the ingredients into the container, closes the lid and blends the food. There are also immersion blenders that have a completely different design and mode of application – despite also applying the same idea of using a rotor with blades to blend the food.

Immersion blenders have the rotor with blades fixed to a long arm that has the blender controls at the other extreme end. Instead of putting the ingredients into a container, when using the immersion blender, one dips the end with the blades into the container with the food ingredients. This could be a cooking pan with soup or it could be a bowl of cream.

Once the end with the blades is well inserted into the container with the food, the blender is switched on using the controls on the other hand where there is a suitable handle to control the blender. The blender is held and controlled using one hand.

The immersion blender is very ideal for blending food where precise blending is necessary. It is also a good device for blending hot foods such as soups which can be blended while still on the cooker. The immersion blender is also ideal since it is much easier to clean as compared to the table top blender.

Cool Cooks

If you are a cook or you just enjoy the arty nature that surrounds the kitchen then the right equipment is a must have for you. Can you imagine a painter without their brush or a pianist without their piano? You have to agree with me that it is very unlikely that any form of art will be made if there are no tools available. That said, cooking is fun and is qualified for the title ‘art’ since cooking involves the application of novel ideas to evoke human feelings. The art of cooking is easy to master and can be passed on from one person to another. During cooking experiences, the choice of equipment determines the results most of the time.

Two of the most commonly used equipment’s in cooking include the skillet and the ice cream maker. Skillets are generally used for cooking as pots onto which the food is loaded. They come in a variety of shapes and materials. Some skillets use fire while others can be heated using electricity. The electric skillet is very fashionable in a kitchen sense, convenient and extremely easy to use. Most electric skillets come with a glass cover that allows you to view the food even when it is cooking. The electric system is built within the skillet and allows one to plug in and heat the pan to temperatures that are high enough to cook food.

When choosing an electric skillet there are a variety of factors to consider, these include, your budget, the shape and the size, temperature control ability, the pan material, cleaning method, the warranty and one of the most important features of the pan, the lid. Your budget always limits your shopping capacity. Skillets can go for as high as $ 100 or as low as $ 10. The budget will determine everything from the brand to the control features. The shape and size is a matter of choice, if you want a round skillet then it is up to you to get one as compared to another person who will want a square one that cooks more food. The ability to control the temperatures of a skillet is very important since they will determine the results of your cooking and how your food generally comes out once cooked.

The material of the pan is important as it determines how heat resistant the pan will be allowing you to use the extreme limits of the heat controls. Stainless steel skillets are more expensive as compared to aluminum skillets since they allow better control and are easier to clean. The cleaning option determines if you are going to use a dish washer or not. The lid on the other hand should be easy to use and allow ease when handling it. It should also be made of glass as earlier stated to allow viewing of the food when it is cooking. Even when buying other electric equipment, getting a warranty is always advisable since they are not 100% damage proof and the warranty can come in handy especially within the stipulated time. When shopping for an electric skillet, one can get the best priced and quality from walk in stores or from online shops.

The second item of importance is the ice cream maker. Most people if not all seem to love ice cream in all its forms, from the simplest designs to the most complex mixes. The ideal ice cream maker should have the right amount of capacity, the best method for freezing depending on the person (manual, pre freeze bowl, electric freeze) the price and the ingredient sprout which allows you to mix different ingredients to the ice cream.

Cool Cooks Credit Picture License: Sunny Side Up via photopin cc

The Power Players

There are many reasons why the taste of cooked rice will defer. One of these reasons is, in fact, the quality of the rice cooker that was used in addition to the preparation method. A rice cooker is a kitchen appliance that usually has an inner pot surrounded by an outer vessel and a heating plate at the bottom. After a lot of study and tests, we are confident to recommend to you the Cuckoo Rice Cooker 1 CR-0631F or the Aroma digital rice cookers.

Cuckoo Rice Cooker 1 CR-0631F

The Cuckoo Rice Cooker 1 CR-0631F is the best rice cooker that is highly recommended. The stylish cooker is designed to prepare delicious and perfectly fluffy rice whenever you cook. The cooker has been designed to be colorful and appealing and makes rice which must be appealing to everyone who tastes it. The Cuckoo Rice Cooker 1 CR-0631F is a must have kitchen appliance for every busy modern family if they need to prepare rice quickly but to perfection. There are a lot of rice varieties with different qualities in the market but the cuckoo Rice cooker has been made to cook any rice perfectly. It has been proven for its ability and effectiveness to prepare all varieties of rice to perfection. This ability is because the cooker has some units which one can set according to the type of rice being prepared and after setting the units, all you have to do is just waiting for the perfect and amazing rice dish. In case by any reason you want the rice cooked faster, you can just use the added setting for quick cooking which will accelerate the speed of cooking.

The Aroma 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker

The Aroma 20-Cup Digital Rice Cookersare ideal cookers for individuals who want a simple cooker but very effective and at a lower price. It is possible to make rice of restaurant quality using the Aroma 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker which has stainless steel. The cooker has a non-stick coating, steam cook 15-hour delay and chime that indicates if cooking is done and digital control for brown and white rice. The Aroma 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker comes with a removable water reservoir which is dishwater safe, measuring cup, a steam tray and rice paddle to ensure cooking convenience. The water reservoir is used to channel away the excess condensed water.

This digital rice cooker made by Aroma has been designed to make perfect rice, stew, and soup and can also steam vegetables and meat. The steaming action is made possible just by programmable steam functions that will transfer the cooker from a rice cooker to food steamer with a timer. The 15-hour delay timer on the Aroma 20-Cup Digital Rice Cooker can be very important for the families on the go. What you have to do is just add water and rice in the morning before going out and by the time you come back in the evening, the rice will be ready and hot.

The Power Players Credit Picture License: Rice Cooker via photopin cc

Cleaning Up After Your Pets!

Cleaning up after your pets can be really challenging especially if you have more than one. Cat and dog hair can get all over your carpet and your hardwood floors causing a big mess. If you already have a hectic schedule, then you probably don’t have time to vacuum the floor multiple times a day. You need to find a vacuum that is high quality and can pick up dog and cat hair fast. Keep reading to learn about the best vacuum for hardwood floors and pet hair.

Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair

The Dynamic is smartly styled, with a thin body and an easy swivel sweeper, both essential to getting under furniture. The “Swivel Neck” sweeper glides easily along borders as they curve so you don’t miss a spec as your vacuuming.  It has a unique electro brush that follows the contours of your floor for consistent vacuuming of all floor types. All of the controls are on the handle so you can switch from carpet to floor smoothly.  An extra-long hose helps your reach as you employ the attachments conveniently stored on the back of the vacuum body – a dusting brush, upholstery tool, and crevice nozzle.

My favorite part of this system is that it promises 99.9 percent capture of dirt, dust, and allergens that will not leak back into your house when you change the vacuum bag. Not only is the vacuum’s air filter at work, but its dust bag locks instantly as it is removed from the machine.  The Miele Dynamic Dog & Cat Upright Vacuum Cleaner is a high-end vacuum with a price tag to match, but its features and its 7 year warranties on the motor and casings are unmatched.

Like the Miele (above), the Dyson DC65 glides easily around corners and in crevices with its ‘ball-technology,” but the Miele swivel is quite a bit lower, so it gets under cabinet and furniture overhangs more easily.

This Dyson model is lighter weight than the older models of Dyson. It is bagless, like its other models.  Its ‘Root Cyclone Technology’ spins the air to suck up dust and whirl around inside the plastic bin, so you can see how much pet hair and everything else the Dyson picks up.  I will say it’s easier to find an earring in the bin than in a bag.

The washable Hepa filter in this vacuum is very convenient and effective – so much so that the vacuum, like other Dyson uprights, is certified ‘asthma friendly’ by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. It has an extra-long extension with a ‘beater bar’ that can be used to clean upholstery, pet beds, and other items where pet hair collects.