Gaining weight after a job change and change of lifestyle

Last weekend on Saturday when I woke up it was a fine morning with the sun sending warm rays through my window. I decided that it was a good morning to take a walk. I always wanted to be able to take walks whenever I could but many times I would find an excuse not to. Many times bad weather was the reason that made me change my mind. This time I did not have any excuse and my spirits were high anyway.

It promised to be a good day.

After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I selected my favorite leggings to wear for the walk. I loved the leggings very much due to their comfort and the beautiful color design on them. I was however dismayed when I tried to wear the leggings only to find they had become quite tight. I eventually managed to squeeze into them but they were no longer as comfortable as they were before.

It was obvious that I had gained considerable weight since the last time when I wore them.

Like any woman, gaining weight was very bad news for me. The realization was bad enough to spoil the day and the entire weekend for me. I knew that the revelation would nag me for a very long time. I would be very self-conscious and I would not be very happy with myself.

My lifestyle was obviously the reason why I had gained the extra weight. Before this, I never gained weight easily. I had always had a slim figure and had never had a problem with weight. However, my new job, its lavish lunches, and long periods of sitting without much exercise was obviously affecting me negatively in terms of weight.

The previous job I had involved a lot of physical exercise. I would walk around town going to see clients or to attend meetings. It was faster and cheaper to walk rather than drive. Despite the walks being short, they were numerous and obviously they helped keep my weight down.

In my new job, I am most of the time working in the office. I rarely walk or do anything strenuous. I drive home and whenever there are work meetings or work related functions in another location, the company insists that I be chauffeured there.

The company also provides sumptuous tasty lunches and delicious snacks for coffee breaks. I love the food at the office and I have sizeable servings. I eat enough at the office such that I do not have to cook dinner at home. I cannot remember the last time I used my rice cooker. The kitchen appliance I use most is the blender which I use to make smoothies which is all I have most evenings.

Despite not having dinner, it is evident that the lunches and the snacks in between coupled with lack of exercise have led to my weight gain. I have to reconsider my lifestyle if I am to stop this weight gain and go back to my pretty slim figure.