Buyer’s Guide: General Rules When Buying a Gaming Headset

Either you purchase a wired or wireless gaming headset, there are general rules that every new buyer must remember.

General rule #1: Must have an excellent build quality

Most of the headsets, in general, are subjected to wear and tear, especially headphones with headbands with cushion pads. If you are going to invest an expensive gaming headset, make sure it is made from quality and comfortable materials that fit you well and comfortably even after long hours of gaming.

  • The headband of the headset should have a metal or wire arc frame; these materials guarantee durability. Avoid headphones with headbands that are made from plastic; it is easy to break, especially when you are on the verge of losing the game.
  • The headband should have a comfortable and thick cushion. The cushion can help reduce the pressure and discomfort of wearing the headset over a long period.
  • The ear cups should be soft to the ears and won’t make you feel sweaty even after hours of use. It is an advantage if your ear cups are made from memory-foam velour – soft, allows the right amount of air into your ears, and durable.
  • The clamping force must not be too tight or weak but must be snuggly comfortable and fit.
  • The weight of the headset must be not too light or not too heavy, just enough weight that won’t make you feel the pressure over a long period.

General rule #2: Must be compatible with your current gaming platform

Not all types of gaming headsets are versatile and can work on different types of gaming platforms; some gaming platforms have exclusivity when it comes to their accessories. There are gaming headsets with particular software-dependent features that may not work on some consoles. For instance, the PlayStation 4 is designed with game-specific audio profiles such as 7.1 virtual surround sounds, where it can only work on the PlayStation 4 console. However, if you try to use the gaming headset to an Xbox One console, you’ll have to connect the headset via a cable, manually. Then, try to connect the headset’s jack to the console via a separate adapter that is sold by Microsoft.

You may find it quite confusing, but learning about the significance of using the right gaming headset for a particular gaming platform will make your gaming experience great. Try to check more about gaming headset and compatibility at Gaming Tech Accessories’ website, where everything you need to know about gaming headset is well-detailed.

General rule #3: Choose a gaming headset with useful features

Before you purchase a gaming headset, make sure to check its features. Are the features useful? Are they worth your money?

A good gaming headset must have the following useful features:

  • Noise Isolation (this is much better than headset with noise cancellation; it is more effective in isolating negative background sound).
  • Quality surround sound
  • Microphone with noise-canceling properties.
  • Have replacement parts (check if the manufacturer offers replacement parts; it is cost-effective).

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