Facts about Magic Mushroom Trip

Is tripping with magic mushroom safe? What is tripping anyway? Are currently thinking about taking magic mushroom but hesitant to do so due to possible serious adverse effects? Continue reading this and find out a lot of facts about the magic mushroom trip.

What is Magic Mushroom?

Psilocybin mushrooms, also known as magic mushrooms or shrooms, are known for their hallucinogen properties, which activate the serotonin receptors in the prefrontal cortex. Consuming shrooms can cause a mild or intense trip, making the user feel drowsy, relaxed, or a frightening experience, including hallucination, panic, and delusions. However, the level of effects of magic mushrooms depends on the dosing, which is why it is important to understand microdosing.

What is microdosing?

Microdosing is the practice of consuming very low doses of hallucinogenic substances such as the magic mushroom to avoid intense tripping.

What is tripping anyway?

“Tripping” is a common effect of taking hallucinogens, causing the user to experience something out from the ordinary reality. It causes distortions in the senses, vision, and perception.

Tripping with magic mushrooms can be both joyful and scary or insightful and stressful. However, the experiences in tripping can be different from one shroom user to the other, where some will feel very relaxed, while others will feel anxious.

Other than shroom microdosing, the experiences in tripping are dependent on several things, including:

  • Past experiences with taking other hallucinogens.
  • Current mood.
  • The vibe of the surroundings.
  • Current physical and mental health conditions.

Are there benefits of tripping?

Taking hallucinogens can be both scary and beneficial; consuming such substance under a well-prepared microdosing has benefits, including:

  • Achieving enlightenment of the state of mind.
  • Dealing with stress and anxiety.
  • For spiritual pursuits.
  • Finding creativity and inspiration.
  • Can be used in psychotherapeutic processes in dealing with mental or emotional issues.

Even though you might see benefits in taking the hallucinogen, there are also countless health risks. Due to the risks, hallucinogenic substances are under Schedule I under the Controlled Substances Act. Thus, you cannot take just any psychedelic substances without prescriptions.

Magic mushrooms, on the other hand, are less dangerous than hallucinogenic drugs.

Here are a few reasons to trip on magic shrooms:

  • Help boost the state of mind.
  • Help boost creativity.
  • Help in better visualization of important matters.
  • Help you defeat past addictions.
  • Help you defeat anxiety.

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Things to take note of when tripping with magic mushrooms

If you are planning to use magic mushroom, you should take note of the following to avoid serious side effects:

  • Research about magic mushrooms and find out if it is best for you.
  • Learning and understanding magic mushroom microdosing is vital.
  • Look for a quality magic mushroom source.
  • Use magic mushroom under expert’s advice.
  • Make sure to eat right and eat light before taking the shroom.
  • Prepare yourself, do not panic, meditate.
  • Do not use magic mushrooms if you are in doubt or currently experiencing other health problems. Always consult expert’s advice.