Tips on How to Find the Best Key Tracker

Attaching a key tracker to your sea of keys is practical, convenient, and easy to find when it goes missing. Let this post guide you on how to choose the best key tracker today.

A key finder is a small tracking device that you can use to locate where you have left your keys. By using its Bluetooth capability, you can set an audible alarm to give you an idea of where the keys are. Additionally, you may also use the key tracker to find your phone via a mobile app. You may read this post from the Key Lock Guide and find out a few interesting reasons why it is convenient to have a key tracker.

There are a lot of key trackers that you can find in the market today; however, not all of these trackers feature excellence in accuracy and efficiency. So, to help you choose the best key tracker this year, here are some useful tips to consider:

Tip #1 Look for a key tracker with better range

How far can your mobile device reach your key tracker?

Key trackers in the market can differ by the range of connectivity from the transmitter to the receiver. If you are going to purchase a key tracker, try to look for a device with a wider range of connectivity, where you can set off the alert from the tracker even if you are a few meters away from your home’s front door.

However, you should also keep in mind that the device’s accuracy in tracking may not be 100 percent precise due to the interference caused by walls, furniture, and even from other wireless devices.

Tip #2 Check the audibility of the key tracker

The audibility of the key tracker is significant; you should be able to hear the alarm even if you are a few meters away from the key tracker. The best and the loudest kind of key locators are those with 80 – 85 decibels.

Tip #3 Choose a key finder with longer battery life

First of all, make sure to choose a key finder that allows you to replace batteries. Secondly, check what type of battery does the key finder uses and its availability. Even though there are key locators that come with a spare battery, you should keep in mind that these batteries would die out sooner or later.

Always pay attention to the key tracker’s battery life; you do not want your key finder to die out in the middle of you looking for your keys, your phone, or your wallet.

Tip #4 Features a proximity alarm

Although not a necessity, it is convenient to use a key tracker with a proximity alarm, where the alarm goes off when you are at a certain distance away from the finder. It serves as a reminder that you have forgotten to pick up your keys, your phone, and or your wallet before leaving a particular place.

Tip #5 The phone app should be user-friendly

Most of the key finders today are connected to a phone app. If you are going to use a key tracker from now on, make sure to choose a tracker that features a user-friendly phone app.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of key trackers in the market today, which makes it confusing when you are planning to purchase one. However, try to use the tips provided to make things easier for you.