Five Factors to Consider When Looking for a French Press to Buy

The rich taste and aroma of French Press coffee is a piece of heaven. Indeed, what a wonderful thing it is to have a cup of delicious French press coffee every morning.

French press coffee is the classic version of all coffees. It brings out the richness and strong taste of delicious natural coffee oils. Moreover, it feels creamier and more delectable in comparison to the rest.

A perfect French press coffee begins with a functional French Press coffee maker. If you don’t have one, now is the time to add one for your kitchen. By owning a French Press coffee maker, you no longer have to visit coffee shops only to get a cup of your favorite beverage. You can make one at home every single time you crave for it.

When it comes to searching for buying French Presses, make sure to choose one with the finest quality. Here are some tips for choosing the best French presses this 2020.

#1 Check the Material

French Presses vary in material, from plastic to glass. From these options, plastic is the last thing you would want to choose. Though it is cheap, plastic has a short lifespan. The best material for French Presses is glass and stainless steel. These options are durable and have a long lifespan. Likewise, glass and stainless steel are safe for health. Unfortunately, glass is prone to breakage. Thus, you’ll have to be careful when using a French Press with a glass carafe.

#2 Look for the Right Size

Your goal is to find a French Press with enough size that will allow preparing one or two large mugs or small cups. A single-serve (50 ounces) French Press coffee maker is good, only if you make coffee for one person. Larger models will suit better if you love drinking coffee and have received guests often. Generally, the ideal French Press coffee maker size is 12oz to 34 oz.

#3 Consider the Design

Of course, you wouldn’t want a French Press coffee maker that stands out like a sore thumb in your kitchen. You want it aesthetically pleasing and match perfectly with your kitchen interiors. Likewise, look for options with ergonomic features, such as an easy-to-grip handle.

#4 Watch Out for the Filter System

Every manufacturer employs different filter systems on their French presses. Some include a simple filter, whereas others have an elaborate and more advanced multi-layer filter system.

In a simple filter system, tiny coffee bits can pass through, including the coffee oil. On the other hand, a multi-layer filter system prevents even the tiniest coffee grounds and sediments to go in your cup.

#5 Find Out the Brand’s Reputation

If it is your first time buying a French Press coffee maker, it is best to choose a well-known brand to guarantee a good purchase. You can’t go wrong by selecting a French press from a reputable brand. You can ensure the item has a durable build, safe to use, and has a long lifespan.

More Advice

Selecting your first French Press coffee maker can be an overwhelming experience. So if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to ask help from reliable sources and make sure to follow the above tips.

Top Budget-Friendly Large 3D Printer for Beginner and Professional Use

3D printers are one of the greatest developments that transfigured the printing industry. It broke the boundaries of printing. With this technology, you can turn images into real objects. Hence, 3D printing offers countless opportunities and limitless possibilities.

Since the dawn of 3D printers, more and more people are becoming invested in this technology. Many industries use 3D printers to create prototypes and parts of an object. Examples of the industries that employ 3D printing are healthcare, engineering, automotive, architecture, construction, education, and consumable products. Meanwhile, some individuals do 3D printing as a hobby.

If you want to begin 3D printing, the first thing you have to do is invest a 3D printer. When it comes to 3D printers, know that the size of the machine is one factor to consider. Smaller 3D printers only allow you to create small projects. For larger and complicated projects, you’ll have to use a larger 3D printer, like QIDI Tech X-Plus.

What is QIDI Tech X-Plus? 

QIDI Tech X-Plus is the current product line of QIDI, a well-known manufacturer and distributor of high-performing 3D printers. The X-Plus is an upgrade to QIDI’s former model, the X-Pro. The company made the printer more suitable for complex and larger 3D printing projects. Moreover, QIDI made it possible that the X-Plus lineup has the best features for both beginner and professional use.

Why Choose QIDI Tech X-Plus? 

Many detailed large 3D printer reviews claim that QIDI Tech X-Plus is one of the best 3D printers this 2020. But what makes this 3D printer unique?

#1 Large Print Volume

The 3D printer has impressive printing space of 11.8 x 9.8 x 11.8 inches, and with layers as small as 50 microns. With such a working space, you can print both small and large projects.

#2 Prints Huge Variety of Filaments

The X-Plus is compatible with a huge variety of filaments. It can print using ABS, PLA, TPU, and even high-temperature filaments, such as PC and Nylon. Therefore, this 3D printer offers countless printing opportunities, from various projects in different materials to large-sized projects. It is all thanks to the printer’s high-temperature capacity that it can melt different types of materials.

#3 Connectivity Options

There are many ways to connect the X-Plus to your device. It is one of the best 3D printers with generous connectivity options, which includes tethered and untethered USB, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet.

#4 User-Friendly Setup

Although the machine’s setup targets professional users, the X-Plus is also a good option for beginners. It is a user-friendly machine with the easy-to-learn operation. Moreover, it only takes a few minutes to assemble to a printer. The product comes with a detailed instructional manual to help you get started with the printer fast and easy.

#5 Affordable

QIDI’s X-Plus is an affordable 3D printer. It costs lesser compared to many 3D printers with almost similar features. Indeed, it is a good 3D printer starter for beginners who want to enter this industry.


Is X-Plus by QIDI a good value for the money?

Yes, it is. This 3D printer is one of the best budget-friendly options this 2020, plus with incredible features. If this option is not the one for you, check out alternatives at Hands Tools For Fun.