SunFounder Crawling Quadruped Robot V2.0: Who is it for?

While hexapod is taking the spotlight in the robotics market because of its articulate design, many still prefer a four-legged robot.

Quadruped robots resemble the spider-like Hexapods but without the other two legs. This type of robot crawls on surfaces. Likewise, it is one of the basic robots controlled by the Arduino Nano board.

If you are into quadruped robots, you probably know the top-seller robot kit in the market that sells this type of product. But if you are new to quadruped robots, one of the best names that you must consider is SunFounder V2.0 Crawling Quadruped Robot.

Getting to Know SunFounder

SunFounder is one of the most popular names in the robotic industry when it comes to manufacturing high-quality educational robot kits.

This company focuses on producing robot kits for mainly for educational purposes. Over the years, the manufacturer produced several versions of robot designs to help future professionals in the industry, engineers, and programmers enhance their skills. And one of their highly admired products is the Crawling V2.0 Quadruped Robot Kit.

SunFounder’s V2.0 Crawling Quadruped Robot Kit Specifications

This robot kit is based on the Arduino program. Hence, it is customizable using the Arduino platform. Aside from this, is there anything more SunFounder’s V2.0 can offer?

Check out and read more about advance robotic kits for adults, particularly SunFounder’s V2.0 here.

What’s in the Box?

Inside the kit are all the parts of the quadruped robot model, including remote control. Each leg features twelve servos-three controlled by Arduino. Moreover, the remote has a built-in Nano board and joystick that allows you to control the robot. Though the robot comes with remote control, it also has other connectivity options, such as a wireless connection between two units.

Setting up the robot is not much of an issue. It has a manual that directs users on how to build the robot and control it. You can also download the manual through SunFounder’s official website. Take note that in SunFounder’s platform, there are several manuals listed on the options. Choose one that says “Quadruped V2.0” to get the right manual.

The manual is quite easy to follow. The instructions are clear, complete with illustrations, and logical steps on how to build the robot. Thus, amateurs won’t have an issue dealing with the robot’s design.

Who Is It For?

Beginners without any experience in robotic kits might have difficulty at first. This model is quite challenging if you have no knowledge or skills in robotics. But with practice and by following the step-by-step process shown in the manual, beginners can complete the project; only it will take some time.

The SunFounder’s quadruped V2.0 is the best fit for students with a little background on robotics. It can help them shape their skills and knowledge about robotic technology. Also, it is one of the best quadruped models for educational purposes and competition.

Are There Other Alternatives?

A quadruped robot is only one among the many robot models you will encounter in this market. There are other options with different designs, technology, and brand. You can learn more about it here at SUNGLASS.

Reasons Why You Can Trust JACO Elite Tire Pressure Gauge

Have you thought of buying a tire pressure gauge?

A tire pressure gauge is one of the basic equipment every car owner should have in the toolbox. The function of this tool is to monitor and check the pressure of tires. This equipment assures the tires of your car are neither under-inflated nor over-inflated. 

Overinflated tires cause premature tire wear. It reduces its traction and affects the brake system. These issues increase the risk of accidents since the vehicle is harder to control.

On the other hand, underinflated tires consume more fuel. It tends to use more fuel than it usually does since the engine is forced to work harder. Moreover, the lack of pressure can lead to tire damage.

In a nutshell, correct tire pressure is significant. It enhances the vehicle’s performance and assures a smooth and safe ride.

Here is when you need a tire gauge pressure. This tool will help you monitor tire pressure without asking for a professional’s assistance. You can bring it wherever you go and use the tool anytime you need it.

Getting to Know JACO Elite Tire Pressure Gauge

There is a myriad of tire pressure gauges in the market. They differ in design, accuracy, build, and unit of measurement. But among these options, one of the best choices, as recommended by mechanics, is JACO Elite Tire pressure gauge.

The Jaco Elite Tire pressure gauge is one of the many high-performing products of JACO Special Products- a company that specializes in manufacturing tire pressure gauges.

The Jaco Elite tire pressure gauge stands out because of its accuracy and incredible performance at such an affordable price. The design of this equipment is ideal for both beginners and professionals.

This option is probably one of the most popular this year. To find out more about it, check out this Jaco elite tire pressure review below.

#1 Impressive Build

The heavy-duty build of this equipment is one of its incredible features.

Jaco Tire pressure gauge features a 100% compact brass with steel parts. The gauge has a rugged, shock-resistant protective guard that offers extra protection to the tool. This feature allows the gauge to endure falls and vibrations.

#2 Accuracy

Jaco Tire pressure gauge meets the standards of ANSI, an organization that regulates the accuracy of automotive equipment like tire gauges.

The error margin of the tool is plus or minus 1.5%. For an affordable tire pressure gauge, such an accuracy percentage is impressive. But if you prefer gauges with a higher accuracy rate, you’ll have to spend more money since tools with this feature are more expensive.

#3 Extremely Convenient

Jaco tire pressure gauge is a portable piece of equipment. It does not take up a lot of space and not too heavy to bring.

Moreover, it features a clear LED where you can find the readings. Likewise, the display has a backlight to add more visibility, especially when using the equipment in low light conditions.

It also automatically shuts down after 2 and a half minutes when not in use.

What is your verdict about the Jaco Elite tire pressure gauge?

Did you find it suitable for your preferences?

If not, you can check out other alternatives through My Automotive Zone.

3D Printing for Miniatures: Tips on How to 3D Print

3D printing for a miniature is not easy; however, success in miniature printing is possible, if with the right 3D printer for miniature and the idea of how to use the machine.

Here are some useful tips in 3D printing for a miniature that you should take note:

#1: Find a reliable and accurate 3D printer

Using an accurate and reliable 3D printer is essential in the success of 3D printing for miniature. Since the whole procedure requires more detailed and intricate layering than the usual 3D printing, you need to choose a printer that can produce a well-made 3D-print-based miniature.

If you are planning to purchase a 3D printer for miniature, you should check these reviews out first. The fact that there are several types and brands of 3D printers for a miniature that you can find in the market today, reading reliable posts and reviews will help you choose the best one.

#2: Practice on detailing

Correct detailing plays a huge role in 3D printing; however, this task can be very challenging for beginners.

In 3D printing, it is critical to keep in mind the minimum feature size of the model and the capabilities of the 3D printer. Here is a list of how the detail in 3D printing is done:

  • Choose a 3D print design with smaller angles, preferably 45 degrees and below; this is to avoid overhangs.
  • Do not forget to add at least 0.8 mm thickness to your model.
  • To avoid warping, make sure to use rounded corners and avoid flat surfaces that are large.
  • Leave out the details that need painting; you may paint some parts of the model manually to make it more realistic, especially when you are 3D printing a miniature model.

#3: Do not Rush

There is no need to rush in 3D printing, especially when it is a miniature model.

In 3D printing, the slower the printing process is, the finer the outcome. So, if you are setting the speed, 30 to 40 percent speed is normal. In fact, for usual miniature detailing, the speed is set to 30 mm per sec, while intricate detail or detailing at smaller areas will consume 20 mm per second speed.

#4: Learn the proper layering

Learning proper layering can be as challenging as learning about detail in 3D printing.

To achieve success, you need to know the layer height that will hit the machine’s stepper motor that can produce better resolution and how to work on the pitch of the Z-axis’ lead screw thread. Another key in layering is to multiply the z-axis lift per full step.

#5: Let your finish product cool down

To keep your miniature intact after 3D printing, you need to give it some time to cool down. Provide your miniature a 360-degree nozzle cooling chance after it has left the machine’s actual nozzle.

Was this helpful?

3D printing for miniature is not easy; however, with right 3D printing knowledge and dedication, 3D printing for miniature won’t give you a headache. Also, you may read additional details about 3D printing and printers at DIGI 3DVERSE’s website.