3 Best Shoes for Doctors

It is not unusual for doctors to work long shifts, especially when there is an emergency that they have to take care of. When you are on your feet for more than 14-15 hours in a day, you are surely going to feel the consequences. Foot pain will affect you and back pain will soon appear as well, not to mention that you are prone to developing blood clogs. I think that you are aware of how dangerous blood clogs can be. The ideal shoes for doctors should:

  •  Be very comfortable to wear
  • Be slip-resistant because there can be numerous types of fluids on a hospital’s floors
  • Be very comfortable to stand on
  • Allow you to stretch the arches
  • Be easy to put on and take off
  • Protect you from scalpels, syringes, needles and all sorts of other dangerous tools
  • Be sterilizable.

Since there is a wide variety of shoes for doctors available on the market, you can easily fall into a trap and choose a pair of shoes that is not suitable for a long shift, especially the long shift of a surgeon, for example. This is the reason why we are happy to inform you that there are plenty of shoe reviews available on the market with detailed descriptions of some of the best types of shoes for doctors. All that you have to do is to read these shoe reviews and opt for the model which seems to best suit your needs and preferences. If you are willing to receive some guidance and a helping hand, here are 5 of our favorite types of shoes for doctors.

1. Merrel Gust. These are perfect for those who like to slip their feet out of the shoes now and then, whenever they have a free moment, to keep the feet cool. We recommend these shoes mainly to surgeons and nurses who spend a lot of their time in the OR daily. You will be pleased with the investment thanks to the fact that these shoes protect your feet from sharp objects, they provide efficient support to the ankle and they are super lightweight and comfortable.

2. Dansko. These are among the most popular types of shoes for surgeons and nurses even though they don’t come with a very attractive design. However, you should not be very worried about design when you spend 15 hours at work, right? This is why Dansko shoes are among our recommendations as very good shoes for doctors. They are very comfortable, they come with a rounded heel counter which allows the heel to freely and comfortably move up and down and have great all-day comfort features in general.

3. Birkenstock Boston. What makes these shoes stand out of the crowd is their anatomically-correct cork and the latex footbed. You simply can’t be disappointed by investing money in a pair of Birkenstock Boston for the long shifts that you have to deal with at the hospital.