Cooking Hacks: How to Steam Vegetables in a Rice Cooker

Is it possible to steam vegetables in a rice cooker?

Contrary to popular belief, a rice cooker is quite versatile. This kitchen appliance is not only for cooking rice, but you can also use it to steam vegetables. It is useful especially when you have no time to cook on an electric stove. The dual function of this appliance is convenient and its portability is a huge plus.

Steaming vegetables on a rice cooker are effortless. Moreover, it is faster to steam veggies on this kitchen appliance since rice cookers boil water in a short amount of time. Likewise, a rice cooker automatically switches to warm setting to prevent burning the rice or vegetable.

However, steaming veggies on a rice cooker has required steps as well as reminders. If you are a beginner, here are useful tips for steaming vegetables in rice cooker.

Step 1

Take out your rice cooker. Fill it with an appropriate amount of water according to appliance guide. Be careful in filling the rice cooker with water. Make sure it is not too much or too little for steaming the veggie you have. If the rice cooker has no complete guide on this process, you can consult reliable sources like Induction Pros for tips and guidelines.

Step 2

After filling the rice cooker with water, place the steam basket next into the rice cooker pan.

What if you don’t have a steam basket?

There is another way to steaming vegetables in a rice cooker. You can steam a vegetable while cooking rice at the same time. You only have to follow the basic guideline in cooking rice in a cooker. Instead of putting the vegetable directly in the rice cooker, place it first in a heat-resistant bowl that fits inside your rice cooker. A ceramic, pyrex and stainless steel bowl will work perfectly for this job.

Quickly put the bowl on the top of the cooked rice after the rice is finished cooking. Cover the pot for approximately 15 minutes. The heat in the rice cooker will steam the veggies. Thus, you no longer have to boil water and use a steam basket in this process.

Step 3

Once you placed the vegetable inside the cooker, season it with sesame oil, salt, and pepper. You can add more seasoning to your vegetable to get your desired taste. After doing so, cover the rice cooker with lid, plug in the cord, and turn the cooker in ‘cook’ setting.

Do not forget to set the timer. If you have no idea on how long you should steam a vegetable, you can browse tips from websites via online. Make sure to set the appropriate time to avoid overcooking the vegetable.

Step 4

Once the timer sets off, turn off the rice cooker to finish steaming. Remove the vegetables and place it on a serving bowl or plate.

Try this now!

There are advantages to steaming vegetables in a rice cooker. If you want to learn more about this, check it out here at Induction Pros, the most trusted guide for beginners in cooking.

How to Find the Best Stick Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair

Cleaning pet hair is frustrating.

It is difficult to remove stubborn fur especially on carpets and rugs. Regular sweeping and dusting is not enough for this job. You will have to use a machine such as a vacuum cleaner for pet hair to completely eradicate those stubborn furs around your house.

There are five different types of vacuum cleaners. These are the traditional canister vacuums, stick cordless vacuums, handheld vacuums, robotic vacuums, and upright vacuums. Between these five options, the most popular choice among customers is stick cordless vacuums.

As its name suggests, a stick cordless vacuum features a shaft with the cleaning head at the end. This type of vacuum cleaner is lightweight and easier to control.

It is also highly versatile compared to other vacuum cleaners. Because of the long shaft, you can use this cleaning machine to clean far-reaching crevices around your home. Thus, using this item guarantees that your household is free from pet hair.

If you go to a store or browse for stick cordless vacuums online, you’ll notice that there are a wide variety of these items in the market. The available options are overwhelming and confusing for a first-time buyer.

When you buy an item whether on a physical or online market, make sure that it is worth the cash you are spending. If you are looking for help picking the best stick vacuum for pet hair, follow these useful tips.

Cleaning Performance

The suction power of a vacuum cleaner determines the performance of the item.

You can identify a powerful stick vacuum cleaner by checking out the motor spin and Airwatt rating of the equipment. The air watt refers to the airflow and amount of power a vacuum cleaner uses to operate. These factors can affect the effectiveness of a vacuum cleaner in removing stubborn dirt around your home.

The ideal air watt rating of stick cordless vacuum cleaners for pet hair is 100AW.

Running Time

Stick cordless vacuum cleaners operate using batteries. Each brand of this cleaning equipment varies in running time.

One of the leading brands of this cleaning equipment with high running time is Shark ION F80. This item has an approximate operating time of 80 minutes.

Easy Control

Not all stick cordless vacuum cleaners for pet hair are easy to maneuver. Some are heavier and has larger dimensions which make it difficult to control.

When browsing for this machine, read first product reviews from reliable sources like Pet Hair Patrol. Look for product specifications detailing the dimension and weight of the vacuum cleaner. Moreover, check out whether the item features an ergonomic design.

HEPA Filter

The HEPA Filter is one of the most significant features of a vacuum cleaner. This technology guarantees that your home is free from all types of dirt from dust to pet hair.

Not all vacuum cleaners have a washable HEPA filter. One of the leading names in the market with a washable HEPA filter is Dyson Cyclone V10. Thus, there’s no need for you to buy filter replacements with this item.

Looking for a vacuum cleaner for pet hair is challenging. You if you need more assistance do not hesitate to consult reliable online sources like the Pet Hair Patrol.

Risks and Benefits of Testosterone Supplements

With the stereotypical view of testosterone giving men generally the millennial masculine body goals of a lean muscle ripped looking body, why not try testosterone supplements. The myth of spontaneously developing ripped masculine model like body goals makes testosterone supplements sacraments to work out fanatics and individuals seeking leaner and more muscular bodies. In other instances, some men essentially lapse into the male menopause when they cease producing testosterone, making them eligible for testosterone hormonal therapy. As opposed to the female menopause where there are less health risks, male menopause may require testosterone supplements that could pose a health risk.

The bi-monthly or monthly injections, patches, cream or after work out smoothies are increasingly becoming popular. Yet, one may not be fully privy to the risks and benefits associated with testosterone boosters and supplements. Here are some of the risks and benefits of testosterone supplements to aid your decision in whether or not to start on them.


Some of the risks associated with testosterone supplements based on body genetics and dosage include:

  • Increased risk for cardiac related issues for older men taking these boosters is reported
  • Male pattern hair loss for some men can be triggered especially for those with a genetic predisposition.
  • Clitoris enlargement in women
  • Development of Adams apple in girl’s still not experiencing puberty.
  • Mood changes in the negative dimensions are reported by quite a few individuals who cite being irritable and experiencing angry outbursts.
  • Skin changes like increased body odors and acne related issues as one’s sweat and oil glands are more active than before. The change in body odor means females lose their feminine scent and take on a more masculine scent, especially in the private regions.


Aside from all the risks associated with these supplements, moat individuals are more aware of their benefits. The physical boy goals repeatedly displayed and perpetuated as the appropriate body image are most familiar with testosterone-induced masculinity. These are the lean bodies with structured body frames upon which strong muscles are set. Benefits of taking testosterone supplements include:

  • Increased bone mass density as well as its maintenance. Testosterone tends to increase body mineral density, which results in a well-structured body frame of wide shoulders and broad chests.
  • Body hair grows and it increasingly becomes thicker and darker. One’s facial hair growth will equally increase though after quite a while.
  • One’s muscles grow leading to increased strength and endurance. This follows fat loss making them leaner then redistribution of their body weight to a more masculine form of muscles.
  • Sexual arousal begins in the brain before the body performs which means better sexual performance and health. Testosterone as a sexual hormone increases one’s sex drive, improves memory function, and improves your mood and confidence levels.
  • Glowing skin that appears smooth and moisturized. Due to the testosterone supplements, ones collagen production increases which ends up reducing your fine lines and wrinkles while it increases skin elasticity and moisturizes the skin.

Some individuals are highly discouraged from taking these supplements. These include pregnant women, individuals with coronary artery disease and those with liver disease. With quite a number of side effects related to taking testosterone supplements and boosters, one needs careful consideration and also to seek the doctor’s advice before engaging in such. It is important for these groups to read this first or articles on the same topic to avoid ignorance.

Manual, Semi-Automatic and Automatic Espresso Machines: Which One to Choose?

Who does not love espresso?

The aroma of espresso feels wonderful especially when you feel sleepy or suffering from a hangover. For sure, you get a cup of espresso on popular cafes near you. But why not prepare your cup of coffee every morning?

Investing in an espresso machine will help you save trips from cafes. Moreover, it is low-cost compared to daily expenses in buying a cup of espresso.

The function of an espresso machine is to achieve a perfect blend of coffee. This machine is composed of three pieces; a head, a portafilter, and boiler(s). The mechanism of this machine pressurizes the steam into the water. The boiler forces the steam through the ‘puck’ of portafilter. However, the espresso machines you see on the market may vary in mechanisms depending on its type.

There are three types of espresso machines; these are the manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic.

If you take a good hard look at the top espresso machines, each type has unique features that should consider. Before buying this equipment, check out first the differences between the three types of espresso machines.

Manual or Piston Machines

The original method of brewing espresso involves the use of piston drive commonly known as manual espresso machines. It features a pumping lever that generates pressure when pulling a shot. This machine is complicated and more difficult to control for a beginner. It requires focus and precision on the part of the brewer to prepare a perfect espresso. When you learn how to manage and use this machine, you can make the best tasting espresso you’ll ever have.

Some people do not enjoy using a piston drive due to the manual labor it requires. This method is exhausting and time-consuming. However, the result is quite rewarding and worth the effort.

Semi-Automatic Type

If you have been browsing espresso machines on the web, for sure you encountered semi-automatic makers.

This type of espresso machine is a combination of automatic and manual labor. It requires a barista to brew the coffee similar to piston drives. Thus, you’ll have to grind the coffee beans before placing on the portafilter. Once you attach the portafilter to the espresso maker and switch on, the electric pump will start working drawing water from the boiler which is forced through the portafilter and coffee grounds. After completing the process, the espresso is extracted by simply switching the on and off button.

The semi-automatic espresso maker is more popular to households since it is easier to control compared to a traditional one. Moreover, it is less taxing to brew a coffee using this machine.

Fully-Automatic Espresso Machines

This type of espresso maker is famous in commercial use. This machine allows you to brew coffee effortlessly in a short amount of time.

The brewing system of this machine is a one-touch extraction. Thus, all you have to do is press the on and off button to prepare a cup of espresso.

Which type of espresso maker would you choose?

If you want to learn more on how to find the best espresso machine, check it out here at Nuts About Coffee.

The Best Online Source to Grab Natural Dietary Supplements at Affordable Price

A typical American household would have some supplements stored in kitchen or medicine cabinet. According to the annual survey of Center for Responsible Nutrition’s 2017, approximately three-fourths of adult Americans use dietary or nutritional supplements. For sure, this number will keep on growing the upcoming years given with the rising population of nutritional supplement manufacturers and distributors.

You probably learned about taking nutritional supplements from social networking sites, health articles on the internet or through television programs. As you know, dietary supplements are market available sources of essential vitamins and minerals.

Yes, you do get nutrients from eating nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetables, and lean meat. However, the nutrients you obtain from eating alone are insufficient to sustain good health. There are nutrients gaps that you have to fill to keep your body free from illness. And, this is where nutritional supplements enter.

The most common dietary supplements are Vitamin C, B1, B12, D, Calcium, Iron, Folic Acid and many more. There are also supplements for weight loss, building muscles, boosting energy and suppressing appetite. All of these are available in the physical and online market.

In this modern age, buyers prefer to purchase through the online market. It is more convenient than visiting a real physical store wherein you have to consume time and effort. When you buy nutritional supplements online, you can see a wide variety of choices and avail amazing discounts.

One of the most reliable sources of nutritional supplements online is iHerb Hong Kong.

Who is iHerb Hong Kong?

This online source has been distributing the best dietary supplements from the leading manufacturers for several years. The nutritional supplements at iHerb Hong Kong are effective. The supplements found at iHerb HK are formulated from natural ingredients with the help of experts and cutting-edge facilities. Thus, you can assure that everything at iHerb Hong Kong is guaranteed safe for consumption.

Aside from this source, there are several websites online similar to iHerb Hong Kong. Then, what makes iHerb HK unique from other online nutritional supplement distributors?

At iHerb Hong Kong you can purchase the nutritional supplement you need at the most affordable price! Moreover, you can avail discounts such as up to 95 percent of discount shipping to overseason purchasers. And, on selected areas, this source offers free shipping to buyers. All you need to do is visit their official website and look for iHerb code HK.

The iHerb HK offers promotional codes where you can get 5 percent discount and 5 percent loyalty points. You can use these loyalty points on your next purchase to earn more fantastic discounts. Furthermore, this source offers up to HK$39 discount for every first-time buyer who purchases at least HK$313.

The iHerb HK offers a one of a kind buying experience to loyal customers. Be one of these individuals!

The cost of nutritional supplements is not a reason to stop yourself from buying these essential vitamins. Remeber, there is iHerb HK that you can trust.

Are you interested in dealing with iHerb HK?

Check out their available offers and promotional codes through their official website. Also, do not forget how to learn to use these codes via their website!