Regulating Own Speed Limit Through Radar Detectors

3The pragmatic driver who never got a ticket in all their hours of driving on the road will argue that obeying the law to a T will ensure that they’ll never get an infraction charge, ever. That is simply not reasonable since that driver is simply enjoying a bit of luck on their side. See, it’s not always about following the rules that keeps us out of trouble.


Sometimes there are instances that are out of our hands wherein we are tagged as lawbreakers such as faulty speed guns or, in some cases, targeted by rogue man in uniform. It’s also worth acknowledging that we are not machines and it’s innately impossible to expect perfection. More so if it’s about driving and if that particular driving has been on the road for more than half a day. Long road trips can get the better of one’s judgment. And here’s where slight lapses can cause a bit of stir and trouble. And a whole lot of ticket for speed limit violations.


One of the best ways to avoid these mishaps is by buying and installing a radar detector. Obviously, not to give the middle finger to law enforcement, but as a tool to remind oneself should they start to lose track of their own vehicle’s speed. For an outsider, or people who drive in only fifteen minute trips, this doesn’t sound logically possible. Surprisingly, it’s easy to lose track and have a foggy judgment if the drive takes several hours to complete, something that truck drivers are all too familiar with.

When buying a radar detector, it’s important to keep in mind that older models are usually not recommended. With law enforcement also coping with the times, older radar detectors can be counteracted and detected, which is bad news should this happen to a state where having a radar detector in the car is against the law. On that note, check this website or other similar sites for reviews on whether the radar detector model in question has the ability to automatically shut down if it detects a radar counter-detection radio signal.

In addition to the feature mentioned, it’s also a good idea to make sure that the radar detector has GPS functionality. GPS data is indispensable in the modern world. And the great thing about this is that GPS capable systems aren’t really that big of a price difference with units that don’t have it. Well worth the additional benefits. An advantage worth mentioning for having a GPS -enabled radar detector is that speed is recorded. This data could potentially be used to invalidate questionable data from possible faulty speed guns or, well, unscrupulous men in uniform.

Another must-have feature of radar detectors is phone compatibility. The smartphone is an ubiquitous tool that is almost inseparable to modern man. Alerts and data transfers work seamlessly if the device is capable of communicating with the phone. Some models even enable phone vibration as an alert instead of the conventional audio and visual cue.


A Supreme Guide for Beginners: How to Get Started With Quilting

3Quilting is a timeless craft. People have been creating quilts since the late eighteenth century. Quilts are used to provide comfort as a blankets or coverlets, others create quilts for commercial purposes and for some, it is an excellent form of pastime. This craft involves stitching and sewing fabrics to make a pattern. Back then between the eighteenth and nineteenth century, most women weave and spin their threads to make their own fabric and turn it into quilts.

However, in this modern day, you no longer have to weave your fabric for quilting. All you need is go to the store choose the fabric you need and sew the fabric pieces together to make a quilt. Quilting is certainly an interesting hobby, especially for individuals who have a knack for crafting. Quilting seems like a tough one to tackle if you look at finished products at stores.

However, you can also create your own comfy and beautiful quilt in no time with the help of correct guidance on how to get started with quilting Do you want to start quilting today? Here is a simple guide on how to get started with quilting.

Start with Small Steps

Most beginners feel enthusiastic as they start their own quilting project. But as they go on with it, they often find it too difficult and challenging. As a result, they put down their unfinished quilts, lose interest and leave due to frustration. Beginners like you do not have to begin with big projects. Since, you are new to quilting, focus on creating simpler and smaller projects such as table runners. With this, you can practice first your sewing and it will help to lessen your errors when you take a bigger project. Once you get the hang of it you can move on to coverlets and larger quilts.

Use Pre-Cuts

“Pre-cuts” is a package of fabrics that are cut and ready for sewing. You can get this on any stores in the market. The advantage of using a pre-cut quilting fabric is that you don’t have to consume your time getting the right measurements of the fabrics you have to use for your quilt. Moreover, you can save a lot of effort, time and money with pre-cuts. As a matter of fact, beginners are advised to use a pre-cut quilting fabric for easier and faster learning. One of the leading pre-cuts in the market today is beginner Quilt Kits. The Quilt Kits is a package that consists of fabrics and instructions on how to complete the quilt.

Take a Beginners Lesson

There is a lot of online classes and tutorials on the web about quilting. If you are at loss on how to start your project, you can always consult one of these sites to assist you with your craft like Craft Biz Pro. The Craft Biz Pro provides a detailed guideline on how, to begin with, quilting. Likewise, they post reviews on the leading quilting kits in the market today. Thus, if you need more details about quilting, Craft Biz Pro can help you.quilting tipsq

Platelet Count Abnormalities

1Most people are unaware of how the very thing that comes out from a cut – the blood – is what makes it possible to cover the said cut naturally. It’s nature’s band-aid, essentially. What’s interesting about this is that amidst the irony, there’s actually a component in blood that exists specifically for this purpose, the platelet. Having a healthy amount of platelets in the blood helps considerably in healing the clot in a reasonable amount of time. But the question begs to be asked, how many platelets are in a drop of blood in order for it to be considered normal levels? This number would be a difficult one to deal with when it comes to precision. But there is a range wherein doctors consider as normal levels. For a drop of blood, the platelets should be around 150,000 to 450,000.

That’s a lot. But do remember that these platelets are tiny and can’t be seen by the naked eye. So that number isn’t really surprising, nor impressive for a single drop of blood. However, when that number dips or exceeds, it would be a cause for concern. Too little platelets would be just as concerning as too much of it.


Having too many platelets than normal should raise some alarms even though the symptoms aren’t that violent. Though headache and dizziness don’t sound like something that needs urgent medical attention, the person suffering from high platelet count should think otherwise. The awful truth is that these headaches and light-headedness are merely symptoms and are indicative of a bigger problem in the system.

The trouble with thrombocytosis – the term for increased platelet count – is that diagnosis isn’t that easy. There are numerous factors that lead to it including bone marrow problems. Fortunately, doctors are usually able to pinpoint the cause in a short span of time and then appropriately provide treatment recommendations. There are also home remedies and lifestyle changes that can bring platelet count back to normal.


People who have low platelets in their blood have thrombocytopenia. The causes for this condition are also quite numerous, with ones that are harder to place such as inheritance. There are also cases where a patient experiences low blood platelet count due to medications. Chemotherapy, in particular, is known to lower blood platelet count. Recent and heavy trauma can also cause it.

Thrombocytopenia can be a big problem because of random bruises that may appear on the skin. They’re unsightly, yes. But they can probably also cause misunderstanding if people perceive them as signs of domestic abuse. Also, people who have low platelet counts oftentimes experience bleeding nose and gums that easily bleed out at the slightest poke. Or even from brushing the teeth in a gentle manner.

Addressing these two platelet amount abnormalities usually requires the input of a medical professional. Yes, home remedies do a lot of work. But it would be a better idea to first check with a professional to understand the current physical state and how intensive the home remedy should be if one intends to do so.

How to use coupons

With basic necessities having there price hike all over, shopping effectively as well as saving is very essential than it ever was. With coupons once you use them wisely you can easily get deals that are favorable. Below are steps on how to effectively use coupons but you can also read more here.


Avoiding any unnecessary purchasing or temptations to make purchases

Having a coupon does not allow you to just get what the coupon gives. As a matter of fact, such act would lead you to lose much cash than you thought you were saving.

Make comparisons of various stores concerning their coupon’s policies

Although the store might be the same though located in different country or state, rules on coupons processing might be varied for the stores. What you need to do is conduct research on the store’s redeeming value of coupons. This is much essential since you may find some stores doubling the coupons value up to around 99 cents and above with others even tripling the coupons value. However, there are also other stores with no value multiplying policy. Persons residing in those regions tripling the coupon value at times end up getting things for free or at very small amount as compared to those in places with no multiplication of value.

Understand stacking

Stacking can be defined as a case whereby an individual applies a coupon from a store together with coupon from manufacturer. For instance super-centers and also drug stores like Walgreens have store coupons of their own. If such stores have their policy on coupon applicable, you can use such coupons alongside the valid coupon from the manufacturer. For most grocery stores, store coupons are provided from the booklets or provided alongside purchase receipt.

Check for fliers on sales on weekly basis and weekly awards

These fliers are the items available in the store but going for prices which are so low below the normal price of the store. For instance, holiday items like potato chips, chocolate chips and canned sauce among others will cost very low prices.

You can also sign up to be receiving coupons regularly as a component of reward to loyalty of the card scheme which the retailers use. Register for a card of rewards with the drugstore or grocery in your locality. Apart from getting goods on discount, you will also get rewarded with coupons as you check out.

Make comparisons of final prices and sales prices for every store with the coupons

For stores which double coupons most probably the product’s final price will be lower significantly that the price in another store.

List making

Make an items’ list on your envelope on the items you plan to purchase together with matching coupons. You as well can consider making another column alongside the list highlighting the much you will pay for every item. For the different stores insert coupons on each store as planned.

As you shop go by your list

While doing the actual shopping avoid getting anything which is not written on the list. One of the commonly made mistakes by people while shopping is going against listed items especially grocery shopping.

Five Amazing Features of Bea Fine Wire Staple Gun

1One of the essential tools in upholstery is staple gun. Some individuals do not bother investing in quality staplers due to their notion that it won’t do a difference whether you use a five-star rated staple gun or a low rated one. Mind you, thinking along this line is definitely a huge mistake. A staple gun is as important as your skills. The success of your project relies on both of your skills and tools. Therefore, missing even the tiniest detail such as a staple gun can impact the outcome of your project. If you want to create a quality upholstery project, then, start using a quality stapler like Bea Fine Wire Staple Gun. The Bea Fine Wire Stapler is one of the best-selling upholstery staple guns. It is sought out by many individuals in the upholstery industry due to its wonderful qualities. As a matter of fact, this product earned an excellent customer satisfaction rating based on online review sites like Upholstery Staple Guns. The said online site rated the Bea Fine wire stapler as 90 percent recommended for upholstery use. You can check out their Bea Fine Wire Stapler review to learn more about this upholstery tool. Now, do you want to take a glimpse of what you can gain from using Bea Fine wire staple gun? Here are the top five awesome features of Bea Fine wire stapler that you should not miss.

  1. Ergonomic Features

One aspect of Bea Fine wire stapler that amazes its customers is the ergonomic qualities of this tool. This staple gun is engineered to offer comfort and safety. The handle of this upholstery tool is rugged to let you have a firm grip on the staple gun and avoid slipping. In addition, its nozzle is one inch longer compared to other staple guns to help you work comfortably and with ease in congested areas.

  1. No Jam

Most staple guns get jammed when bonding a thick layer of fabric or another material into a wood. Bea Fine wire stapler is not like other staplers in the market. This staple gun does not get jammed since you can open the magazine and move the driver guide backward.

  1. High Air Pressure

The Bea Fine wire stapler can handle a compressor with 70 to 120 PSI air pressure. This power is excellent especially if your project involves binding fabrics to thick materials like wood.

  1. Lighter Weight

A majority of staple guns are heavy. Using such staplers can get exhausting particularly if you are working for hours on a project. Bea Fine wire stapler weighs lesser than most staple guns. This tool is covered with steel cap and made of light materials for comfort at work.

  1. User-Friendly

This upholstery stapler is a perfect tool for beginners in this craft. The Bea Fine wire stapler is easy to use and control. You do not have to follow complicated machinations to make it work. No doubt, the Bea Fine wire staple gun is an excellent tool for upholstery. Learn more about this tool through Upholstery Staple Guns’ official site.


What to Consider When Buying a Coffee Machine

1A cup of coffee is the icon for the modern workforce, corporate or otherwise. It’s symbolic of how contemporary busybodies get into a working mindset because, for the most part, a large majority of the working class today to start their day with a cup of coffee. And, of course, they get their shot of coffee again at a later part of their day to keep themselves going. Any self-respecting coffee lover will shun instant coffee and will always go for the full-bodied and genuine taste of coffee from a coffee maker. However, at this point, coffee aficionados have splitting preferences when it comes to what machine they want their coffee from. Automatic drip machines are nonetheless more fitting to what people actually need these days – fast and convenient. But with so many options for drip coffee machines, it’s overwhelming for anyone who’s new to coffee brewing to pick a good model. Here are some considerations to take note of when browsing for one at a store or an online catalog.

  1. Brand and price.

The idealist in everyone will probably think that choosing anything based largely on brand alone is unwise. To a great extent, this turns out to be true. But brand reputation actually has a lot to do with a product’s quality. Top brands are more stringent with their quality control because they intend to keep their brand one that is always associated with quality. On the other hand, some top brands to add unreasonable premium costs on their price tags. The general rule is to not spend money on the most expensive options and also avoid buying the cheapest ones available.

  1. Consider one without a carafe.

There are plenty of detailed reviews of drip coffee makes without carafes and people love these things. Unlike coffee makers with carafes, ones without makes it easier to control how much coffee is to be brewed at any single time. No wastage on coffee going stale just because someone decided to brew six cups of coffee while intending to drink only one. A coffee maker with no carafe brews one cup at a time, which make for a welcome feature whether in an office setting or at home. More so at home because there’s a chance that only a small number of people will be drinking it.

Who wouldn’t love waking up to the smell of a cup of high-grade brewed coffee in the morning? People who don’t drink coffee, obviously – but coffee lovers who could never start their day right without a cup will definitely find the programmability of a coffee maker a feature that they can’t live without. It’s also good to have a programmable coffee maker in the office so that it can start brewing coffee a few seconds before a designated coffee break.

In addition to these, perhaps one of the best ways that one can educate themselves when buying coffee makers or practically anything at all is to read reviews of whatever it is they intend to buy. The Internet can help immensely in choosing the right coffee maker for the job, whether for household or corporate office use.

Guide to Grow Lights for Weed

3These days, growing cannabis indoors is becoming more and more popular. This is due to the fact that not all states have legalized the selling and usage of medical marijuana just yet. The different technologies that are needed to grow wee indoors have also increased. Various types of indoor grow lights have also come out. You can read more here about the recommended lights. Or you can continue reading to read a guide for you to know the different advantages and drawbacks of each type of grow light.

LED (Light Emitting Diode)

LED lights are the hype these days. Many growers have switched to using an LED light, claiming that it performs as well as the others, if not better. This is after the LED manufacturers have upped their game and improved the light in so many ways. Now, the right kind of LED is the most energy-efficient among the different types of lights. It can produce the most light while using up the least energy, making it the best choice for growers who want to save on their electric bills. LED lights also do not produce large amounts of heat, lowering the risk of burning the plants. This type of light is easy to use as you would only need to plug it into a regular outlet.


However, the initial cost of purchasing LED lights could be much more than the expenses you would be making with other lights. Also, a lot of LED manufacturers have flooded the market, and some of them have been producing low-quality products. Sometimes it would be too hard to see the difference until you have tried them for several times.

HID (High-Intensity Discharge)

Three types of lights fall under HID. These are HPS (High-Pressure Sodium), MH (Metal Halide), and the CMH (Ceramic Metal Halide). HPS is commonly used for flowering plants and plants with fruits since it emits red and orange lights. MH, on the other hand, is used for the vegetative stage and for plants that do not grow fruits or flowers. It emits bluer spectrum.

CMH is the newest addition to HID lights and it can be used in different plants and stages because it has a wider spectral output. These types of light are initially cheaper than LED lights. And the production of them is standardized. This means that most of the HID lights you would buy would be of great quality. However, these lights produce a lot of heat. You would need to set up enough ventilation and exhaust to regulate the temperature and prevent the plants from burning. Because of the amount of heat, they use up a lot of energy, increasing your electrical bill in time.


Also, you would not be able to just plug them into a regular socket. You would need ballast and a special hood for them.


Fluorescent lights are the easiest to avail because you can get it from different stores including DIY shops and grocery stores. Compared to HID lights, a fluorescent light uses up less energy. It is also cheaper to buy fluorescent lights than LED lights. But, like LED lights, you can easily plug them into regular sockets for them to run. This type of light, since it is not as strong as the two other types of light, is only great for plants that do not require a lot of light or when the plants are at their vegetative state.

GPS And Helmets

We get it! You own a motorcycle because you like the freedom. You like getting away and connecting with your inner-self. If there is ever a time you can get away from the invasiveness that is a society hooked on technology, it is with bike riding.

But check this out!

While you’re hitting the pavement hard on or off-road, you can still enjoy and satisfy those liberating needs of yours, while gaining something to ensure you get there safely and accurately.

That’s right! Technology inside helmets isn’t anything new or exciting, but the means of making it more personal and convenient—well that part is a continuous evolution.


Why Should You Give Into GPS Helmets?

Helmets equipped with GPS are hardly just that kind of helmet. They are more. But stay with us for a second, if you will.

One of the biggest problems facing motorcyclists and accidents are the ability to keep their eyes on the road. When you are traveling or riding in unchartered territories, the thought of pulling off and asking for assistance isn’t an attractive one.

With GPS Helmets you can now keep your flight going non-stop as these devices are with you turn for turn and best of yet, they keep your eyes where they should be…on the road.

Meet Nuviz Full Face HUD Helmet

This helmet is an investment. Nuviz is the leader on head up display helmets by far in the motorcycle helmet industry.
This helmet has much more to offer you than navigation. It has multi-tech abilities all in one mounted set. So yes, you can keep yourself turn to turn and your eyes on the road.

You can also listen to your favorite music. The Nuviz Full Face HUD Helmet is equipped with the likes of Pandora, Apple and Google play store. You don’t take your eye off the road to make or receive calls either. Taking it further, this helmet allows you to snap photos or take videos, so you can relive your adventures for another day. That’s done by using the one touch button, which is placed on the handlebar controller to allow you simple navigation and control.

Backed by a one year warranty, this helmet keeps all the important road information in the front of you while driving and is made for all weather conditions. You must have an Android OS of 4.2 or newer and a Iphone/Ipad system of 10.2 or newer for it to fully function.

The Future: Cross Helmet X-1

In five years, and possibly less, many others will flock to do what these guys are
currently doing. Cross Helmet X-1 features visibility at 360 for the biker.
The future is bright as this helmet gives you no blind spots with their rear view camera option.

What’s more is the LED lights that are placed on both sides, which makes your navigation much safer and visible. This helmet shows you routes and directions by keeping it right in front of you. Connect it to your Smartphone’s GPS or hook up their Open Maps Navigation integrated app, which will give you the ability to never have to switch between apps on your smartphone. This allows you to find your destination in where you’re going much easier.

You are also allowed to communicate with your friends with the Cross Helmet X-1 group talk feature. Grab it in either Iron Silver or Luster Black. It does come with a hefty price tag of over $1k.

Work In Progress: LiveMap

If this helmet, which seems to be in a Crowdfunding stage, ever gets launch, expect to hear big things about it. The Livemap Helmet could be launched and is expected to in 2018.

Furthermore, this helmet could change how companies make their helmets with a 3 in 1 setup. That is, GPS+HUD+Voice Control. Impressive. Made with audio and voice, you can also be informed notification and updates right into your ear as you ride. Sticking with the voice commands, it is 96% voice recognized currently, which is quite impressive. Expect that to be higher once launched.

In-built camera can capture images and data of any road rage incident, or even during an accident, that could make the difference in court. AR or Augmented Reality is really what is going to sell this technology as being the most transparent helmets on the market.

The GPS feature will certainly be one of the more interesting dynamics for this helmet in keeping a clear trajectory and organized view, while giving the biker more focus and control.

The Final Verdict

If you’re someone who is stubborn to tradition, and isn’t quite sold on today’s modern jewels called technological advancements, well, we understand. It takes time coming around.

But just envision the safety and productivity of wearing a helmet that can give you audio commands or instructions each time you do hit that pavement.

The verdict is in, today’s GPS helmet is safer, effective, and is here to stay for good. That’s because bikers need the convenience as well, and any one of these three helmets among others would make a great option to have protecting you from the unavoidable by getting you to your next destination quickly and safely.

Advantages of Using Digital Coupons over Printed Ones

2It’s interesting to note that there is a considerable discrepancy in the attitude of the general public over using digital and cut-out coupons. The latter is considered to be something embarrassing to use, one that people who are only in desperate need of such items would bother to use. It’s an unfair stigma for sure, as coupons, whether printed or digital, are extremely practical to use. Digital coupons are considered by most to be a better iteration. Even people who have not tried cutting out a single coupon from a magazine or newspaper are scouring the Internet for discount coupons for everything they order online. Here are some of the most notable advantages of digital coupons over printed ones.

1. Easier to find.

Discount coupons were usually found in corners of magazine pages or in pages that are dedicated entirely to them. This is a bit harder to do these days for several reasons. This can be because of the fact that fewer companies are bothering to print the same volume of discount coupons as they did before. This is because discount coupons are already all over the internet and it’s already a better channel for content consumption than magazines for the majority. Unsurprisingly, digital content is also where people get their discount codes – lots of it.

2. Usually found under one consolidated site.

Just like pages in magazines and newspapers dedicated to coupons, there are also websites that Internet users can go to for finding coupons for various online purchases. And these purchases aren’t limited to items that need to be delivered in front of their doorstep. Coupons for software subscription or purchase are also found in such sites. All it takes is resourcefulness and perseverance in finding such sites. Some sites that provide Flipkart coupons  enable discounts for various offers that a lot of people will definitely find useful.

3. Can be used cumulatively.

Digital coupons can usually be used cumulatively and can sometimes drop the cost of an order to zero. While it can be argued that such a thing is also possible with cutout coupons, the fundamental difference between the two is that it’s difficult and time-consuming to find the same printed material and collect the same coupons. An effort that is definitely not worth the discount unless the item is a thousand bucks. Even then, scouring for the same copy of newspaper or magazine would be so daunting and exhausting.

4. The absence of stigma as cheap.

The stigma against cut-out coupons is unfortunate, but sadly, a reality. It’s an interesting observation that this stigma is entirely absent when it comes to using coupons online. Chalk it up to anonymity or probably because there’s no effort (cutting out) required to use it, but the fact remains that people are more likely to use digital coupons than printed counterparts. The sense of embarrassment is absent when using discount codes upon checkouts during online purchases.

To some extent, printed coupons still have their purpose. Such as magazines printing out meta discount coupons for the same magazine subscription. Some other use of printed coupons is that local stores can control the people who will be receiving it. Nevertheless, it would seem that digital discount coupons are here to stay and are essentially superior in utility.

How to Wear Dresses in the Winter: 6 Tips to Remember

There is nothing like wearing a beautiful dress to make you feel empowered and ready to take on the world, especially in the business setting. However, it can be difficult to find clever ways to pull of your beautiful dresses during the winter seasons. These colder temps can make it seem like there is no way to wear your nicest dresses to work or throughout your busy schedule, and that is why we are here. We are going to bring you 6 of our best tips for wearing dresses during the winter season, so let’s get started! Fee free to read more here in regards to women’s business attire.


Pair It With A Sweater:

When it comes to our winter wardrobe, most of us can pull out beautiful and comfortable chunky sweaters that we absolutely love to wear. You can take your ensemble to a whole new level by turning your favorite dress into a skirt and wearing it under your sweater. Add a jacket over top of that plus a pair of tights (to keep the cold at bay from your legs) and a cute bootie, and you’re set!

Compliment Your Peasant Dress:

If you have a peasant dress in your closet that loves to see the light, you can find an easy winter ensemble to pair it with! When adding layers to your peasant dress, it is important to remember to find a complementary color scheme to help pull the look together.

Pair Your Favorite Maxi Dress With A Sweatshirt:

This might seem a little on the far reaching side, but hear us out! Maxi dresses are so comfortable and easy to throw on, both during the summer and winter months. Adding a crew neck pullover sweatshirt overtop of your favorite maxi dress can add a more feminine touch to a comfortable sweatshirt (that is often paired with jeans), and is also versatile.

Shoulder-less Dresses:

This past season, we saw the ever rising popularity of cold shoulder and shoulderless blouses and dresses. You may think that this shoulder-less design is only meant for summer, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! You can easily pair your shoulder-less dress that is hanging in your closet with a turtleneck underneath. You can even continue to add another layer on top with a gilet or some other sleeveless jacket or vest you might have.

Make A Statement:

You can never go wrong adding a statement piece to your ensemble, and in the winter months, your best statement can be made with that statement coat. Pair a colorful or fun print statement coat with your shirtdress in your wardrobe along with a pair of knee high boots.

Pair It With Leggings/Pants:

This is more than likely the number one go to for pulling off a dress during these cold winter months of the season. This is a simple solution to making your favorite summer dresses a fashion statement in the dead of winter. Just remember to keep your pants and leggings on the slimmer side as to not add too much bulk underneath your dress.

There are so many ways to compliment your winter style this season, and the best option is to add your favorite summer dresses into the mix. Whether you are looking to boost your confidence in the office, or add a splash of color to your busy daily schedule, you can’t go wrong with these amazing tips for wearing a dress during the winter months. Try out these tips and tricks with your wardrobe, and dress to impress every single day.